Past election results

On this page you'll find details of past election results, covering the period 1999 to 2015. In order to make our results more accessible, and to make them more useful for wider applications, we have collated them into two files, available below. 

The first is an .xls file, available to be read using either Microsoft Office Excel or another spreadsheet-based program.

The second file is a .zip file containing each election as a .csv file, designed to be easily machine read. The files use two different styles of file headers. For more information about these, please read our  Notes on .csv election results files (PDF 263 KB).

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Frequently asked questions about .csv, .xls and .zip files

  • What is a .csv file?
    A CSV is a comma separated values file. This allows data to be saved in a table and read by machine to automatically complete pages and apps. They traditionally take the form of a text file containing information separated by commas, hence the name.
  • How can I open a .xls or .csv file?

    Varieties of programs exist to open .xls or .csv files. Anything that will usually open a spreadsheet will be able to open files of this type.
  • How can I open a .zip file?

    Please use a .zip file opener to open this file, such as Windows' built-in tool.


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