Elections 2023 

Dacorum Borough Council and town and parish council elections - 4 May 


Dacorum Borough Council


  • Liberal Democrats - 28 seats
  • Conservatives - 18 seats
  • Labour - 3 seats
  • Independent - 2 seats
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  • Adeyfield East
    Election result for Adeyfield East ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Barbara Brucelia PeschLabour423Elected
    David Robert TaylorLabour400Not elected
    Faith Thornhill Liberal Democrats190Not elected
    Stephen Thornhill Liberal Democrats161Not elected
    Andrew Derek WilliamsConservatives434Elected
    William James Wyatt-LoweConservatives417Not elected

    Turnout: 22.13 per cent

  • Adeyfield West
    Election result for Adeyfield West ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Gary Michael CookLabour220Not elected
    Adrian England Liberal Democrats654Elected
    Helen Banham HeenanLabour187Not elected
    Bola IbrahimConservatives186Not elected
    Ron TindallLiberal Democrats612Elected
    Adam Arthur Wyatt-LoweConservatives206Not elected

    Turnout: 22.71 per cent

  • Aldbury and Wigginton
    Election result for Aldbury and Wigginton ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Deborah CharltonLabour44Not elected
    Paul David ReynoldsLiberal Democrats471Elected
    Paul Daryl RichardsonConservatives307Not elected

    Turnout: 38.17 per cent

  • Apsley and Corner Hall
    Election result for Apsley and Corner Hall ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Brian Michael CollierConservatives711Not elected
    Toni CoxLiberal Democrats990Elected
    David DeaconLiberal Democrats1,053Elected
    Samidha GargLabour 404Not elected
    Shanmugam Jagatharan Labour367Not elected
    Carrie LinkLiberal Democrats978Elected
    Charlotte Ruth PalmerConservatives647Not elected
    Babita SinhaConservatives589Not elected
    Daniel Thomas WorkerLabour375Not elected

    Turnout: 29.81 per cent

  • Ashridge
    Election result for Ashridge ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Terry Douris Conservatives643Elected
    Susan Waite JordanLiberal Democrats239Not elected
    Jody Louise WhitehillLabour70Not elected

    Turnout: 38.97 per cent

  • Bennetts End
    Election result for Bennetts End ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    John Robertson BirnieIndependent483Elected
    Lin GreenfieldLabour391Not elected
    Pete HannellLabour500Elected
    Muhammad Imran KhanConservatives313Not elected
    Andy LambertGreen166Not elected
    Philip LovellLiberal Democrats129Not elected
    Lynda Elizabeth RoeLiberal Democrats124Not elected
    Mark Crebo RogersConservatives359Not elected

    Turnout: 26.88 per cent

  • Berkhamsted Castle
    Election result for Berkhamsted Castle ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Anthony Robert Geraint ArmytageConservatives460Not elected
    Sue BeardshawConservatives477Not elected
    Ian BristowLiberal Democrats1,287Elected
    Kevin DunfordLabour112Not elected
    Rick FreedmanLiberal Democrats1,205Elected
    Kate MeeksLabour155Not elected
    Leslie Stuart TateGreen189Not elected
    Lesley Ann TaylorReform UK57Not elected

    Turnout: 37.50 per cent

  • Berkhamsted East
    Election result for Berkhamsted East ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Michael David BrombergLabour218Not elected
    Rene Leonard Neville De SilvaConservatives290Not elected
    Kevin Donald FieldingGreen298Not elected
    Jay GladdyLabour161Not elected
    Ian Murray ReayConservatives415Not elected
    Garrick StevensLiberal Democrats1,300Elected
    Nigel William TaylorLiberal Democrats1,065Elected

    Turnout: 35.95 per cent

  • Berkhamsted West
    Election result for Berkhamsted West ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Carol GreenConservatives451Not elected
    Bernard Michael HurleyGreen179Not elected
    Rebecca Louise Ellen MackenzieLabour192Not elected
    Christopher RobertsLabour112Not elected
    Robert StewartLiberal Democrats987Elected
    Sally SymingtonLiberal Democrats1,155Elected

    Turnout: 31.10 per cent

  • Bovingdon, Flaunden and Chipperfield
    Election result for Bovingdon, Flaunden and Chipperfield ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Gbola AdelekeConservatives1,070Elected
    Sarah Jane BellLiberal Democrats630Not elected
    Michael James Buttleman Labour420Not elected
    Wiebke CarrGreen493Not elected
    Antony FitzgeraldLabour331Not elected
    Adam HawkswoodLiberal Democrats462Not elected
    Nick HollinghurstLiberal Democrats400Not elected
    Stewart Keith RiddickConservatives1,116Elected
    Philip Anthony WalkerConservatives1,026Elected
    James WignallLabour291Not elected

    Turnout: 28.78 per cent

  • Boxmoor
    Election result for Boxmoor ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    William AllenLiberal Democrats1,668Elected
    Peter William AllenConservatives620Not elected
    Simy DhyaniLiberal Democrats1,451Elected
    Grace Elizabeth FroggattConservatives551Not elected
    Claire Louise HobsonLiberal Democrats1,563Elected
    Carole Lynn LeveneConservatives498Not elected
    Andrew Richard SuzmeyanLabour273Not elected
    Helen TerryLabour252Not elected
    Lee Alan WhitehillLabour262Not elected

    Turnout: 31.43 per cent

  • Chaulden and Warners End
    Election result for Chaulden and Warners End  ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Nigel William DurrantConservatives828Elected
    Graeme Ramsay ElliotConservatives835Elected
    Fiona GuestConservatives923Elected
    Anne Christine HarradineLabour594Not elected
    Neil KennedyLiberal Democrats387Not elected
    Allison McKenzieLiberal Democrats516Not elected
    Michael Howard PottsReform UK158Not elected
    Kit WalesLabour602Not elected
    Diane WilsonLiberal Democrats527Not elected

    Turnout: 26.74 per cent

  • Gadebridge
    Election result for Gadebridge ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Christopher Leon AngellLiberal Democrats132Not elected
    Mark BignellConservatives405Not elected
    Angela Margaret MitchellLabour451Elected
    Sarah OwenLiberal Democrats141Not elected
    Heather PoundConservatives421Elected
    Christine Elaine RidleyGreen163Not elected
    Gary John RuffLabour370Not elected
    Suzanne Caron WattsGreen125Not elected

    Turnout: 25.89 per cent

  • Grovehill
    Election result for Grovehill ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Julie Anne BanksConservatives708Elected
    Alex BhinderConservatives689Elected
    Pat DartnellLabour413Not elected
    Jennifer Mary DicksonLabour498Not elected
    Stephen Martin FisherLabour446Not elected
    Nicholas Alan KeayLiberal Democrats175Not elected
    Emma MaceyLiberal Democrats246Not elected
    Robert ShortLiberal Democrats148Not elected
    Goverdhan SilwalConservatives606Elected
    Noel WillcoxReform UK91Not elected

    Turnout: 23.00 per cent

  • Hemel Hempstead Town
    Election result for Hemel Hempstead Town ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Rob BeauchampConservatives351Not elected
    Sadie Katherine HobsonLiberal Democrats621Elected
    Malik IjlalLabour 358Not elected
    Mike PoundConservatives307Not elected
    Victoria Elizabeth SantamariaLiberal Democrats555Elected
    Janet Nicola VentirosoLabour337Not elected

    Turnout: 23.42 per cent

  • Highfield
    Election result for Highfield ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Sammy Barry-MearsLiberal Democrats450Elected
    Chris GriffithsConservatives213Not elected
    Bindu Gupta-SilwalConservatives168Not elected
    Brenda Ann LinkLiberal Democrats464Elected
    Vanessa Louise MitchellLabour228Not elected
    Raymond YorkLabour207Not elected

    Turnout: 20.51 per cent

  • Kings Langley
    Election result for Kings Langley ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Alan James AndersonConservatives646Elected
    Julia Mary ColemanLabour270Not elected
    Dominic Terence HookLabour185Not elected
    Alan James JohnsonConservatives673Elected
    Ashley Steven LawrenceGreen308Not elected
    Holli PanditLiberal Democrats184Not elected
    Frances ParkinsLiberal Democrats201Not elected

    Turnout: 28.08 per cent

  • Leverstock Green
    Election result for Leverstock Green ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Stephen AlexanderLabour349Not elected
    Robin BromhamLiberal Democrats1,098Elected
    Paul De HoestGreen158Not elected
    Jonathan GaleLiberal Democrats1,060Elected
    Margaret Patricia GriffithsConservatives937Not elected
    Neil HardenConservatives883Not elected
    Ian Hilary Laidlaw-DicksonLabour320Not elected
    Catherine Ann McArevey Liberal Democrats966Elected
    Rosie SuttonConservatives928Not elected
    Mandi TattershallLabour305Not elected

    Turnout: 30.75 per cent

  • Nash Mills
    Election result for Nash Mills ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Alexander David BellLiberal Democrats46Not elected
    Jane Clare GibbonsLabour107Not elected
    Sanjay JamuarConservatives149Not elected
    Jan MaddernIndependent578Elected

    Turnout: 28.36 per cent

  • Northchurch
    Election result for Northchurch ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Jackie JonesConservatives214Not elected
    Lara PringleLiberal Democrats707Elected
    Steve RitchieLabour39Not elected
    Rose Mary SheridanGreen47Not elected

    Turnout: 37.08 per cent

  • Tring Central
    Election result for Tring Central ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Keith Anthony BakerConservatives317Not elected
    Jacob EllettLabour115Not elected
    Phil HillsConservatives305Not elected
    Jim LawlerLabour153Not elected
    Roger John Freeman Oliver Green140Not elected
    Mark RutherfordGreen130Not elected
    Carole Anne WestonLiberal Democrats780Elected
    Sheron WilkieLiberal Democrats902Elected

    Turnout: 33.82 per cent

  • Tring East
    Election result for Tring East ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    William Jeffrey BurgarGreen60Not elected
    Michela CapozziLiberal Democrats580Elected
    Jack CurhamLabour63Not elected
    Penny HearnConservatives435Not elected

    Turnout: 40.60 per cent

  • Tring West and Rural
    Election result for Tring West and Rural ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Justin Alexander Charlton-JonesConservatives462Not elected
    Mike HicksConservatives501Not elected
    John MottersheadLiberal Democrats844Elected
    Brian PattersonLiberal Democrats1,035Elected
    Colin Barry PhillipsLabour164Not elected
    Mark RutherfordLabour153Not elected
    Joe StoppsGreen376Not elected

    Turnout: 36.29 per cent

  • Watling
    Election result for Watling ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Edward Michael John BarradellConservatives608Elected
    Lloyd HarrisLiberal Democrats478Not elected
    Alan OliveLabour216Not elected
    Emma Jane ReedLabour253Not elected
    Timothy SymingtonLiberal Democrats489Not elected
    Jane TimmisConservatives686Elected

    Turnout: 28.66 per cent

  • Woodhall Farm
    Election result for Woodhall Farm ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Deborah Curtis-EnglandLiberal Democrats163Not elected
    Alan DicksonLabour299Not elected
    David EgertonLiberal Democrats201Not elected
    Amanda Elizabeth Pollard Labour288Not elected
    Saba James PoursaeediReform UK61Not elected
    Belinda Ann WilliamsConservatives576Elected
    Colette Bernadette Wyatt-LoweConservatives614Elected

    Turnout: 23.07 per cent

Town and parish councils

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  • Berkhamsted Town Castle
    Election result for Berkhamsted Town Castle ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Anthony Robert Geraint ArmytageConservatives534Not elected
    Susan Ann BeardshawConservatives580Not elected
    Ian BristowLiberal Democrats1,473Elected
    Wendy Jane ConianLiberal Democrats1,321Elected
    Susan Waite JordanLiberal Democrats1,404Elected
    Kate MeeksLabour411Not elected
    Thomas Pedrick Liberal Democrats1,128Elected
    Leslie Stuart TateGreen762Elected

    Turnout: 37.24 per cent

  • Berkhamsted Town East
    Election result for Berkhamsted Town East ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Michael David BrombergLabour641Elected
    Kevin Donald FieldingGreen946Elected
    Adam HawkswoodLiberal Democrats1,194Elected
    Ian Murray ReayConservatives516Not elected
    Garrick StevensLiberal Democrats1,482Elected
    Nigel William TaylorLiberal Democrats1,313Elected

    Turnout: 35.87 per cent

  • Berkhamsted Town West
    Election result for Berkhamsted Town West ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Patrick Jan FisherLiberal Democrats1,235Elected
    Carol GreenConservatives495Not elected
    Peter Howard HolditchLiberal Democrats1,067Elected
    Jackie JonesConservatives433Not elected
    Rebecca Louise Ellen MackenzieLabour548Elected
    Nicholas MorrishLiberal Democrats1,181Elected
    Thomas McInally RitchieConservatives423Not elected
    Robert StewartLiberal Democrats1,128Elected

    Turnout: 31.18 per cent

  • Kings Langley Central
    Election result for Kings Langley Central ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Gerald Henry AngioliniLabour86Elected
    Derek Barry CollinsLabour70Not elected
    Debbi James-Saunders Independent: Putting Kings Langley First121Elected

    Turnout: 30.34 per cent

  • Kings Langley South
    Election result for Kings Langley South ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Howard Martin ButtonConservatives464Elected
    Mark William David Coxill 336Not elected
    Rene Leonard Neville De SilvaConservatives361Elected
    Alan James JohnsonConservatives524Elected
    Jennie Marie LydonConservatives439Elected
    Mark Crebo RogersConservatives354Elected
    Ian Alexander SinclairConservatives378Elected

    Turnout: 26.76 per cent

  • Tring Town Bunstrux
    Election result for Tring Town Bunstrux ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Robert Stuart FarrowLiberal Democrats682Elected
    Phil HillsConservatives365Not elected
    Jim LawlerLabour213Not elected
    Charles Frederick Noxon Liberal Democrats800Elected
    Colin Eric PowellIndependent166Not elected
    Paul David ReynoldsLiberal Democrats756Elected
    Mark RutherfordGreen329Not elected
    Carole Anne WestonLiberal Democrats878Elected
    Sheron WilkieLiberal Democrats1,007Elected
    Carol Lesley WoodstockConservatives368Not elected

    Turnout: 33.78 per cent

  • Tring Town Dunsley
    Election result for Tring Town Dunsley ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Keith Anthony BakerConservatives437Not elected
    Caroline BlairLiberal Democrats673Elected
    Penny HearnConservatives552Elected
    Carol NutkinsLiberal Democrats672Elected
    Paul Daryl RichardsonConservatives338Not elected

    Turnout: 40.41 per cent

  • Tring Town Miswell
    Election result for Tring Town Miswell ward
    Name of candidatePartyNumber of votesResult
    Katherine May Al-MaadanliConservatives365Not elected
    Paul De KoningLiberal Democrats702Elected
    Mike HicksConservatives371Not elected
    John MottersheadLiberal Democrats579Elected
    Nigel NutkinsLiberal Democrats811Elected
    Brian PattersonLiberal Democrats749Elected
    Colin Barry PhillipsLabour215Not elected
    Joe StoppsGreen451Not elected

    Turnout: 36.17 per cent

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