Sustainable development

As part of the Dacorum Core Strategy (adopted September 2013), developers are expected to complete a sustainability statement and carbon compliance check in support of their proposals. The sustainable development advice note sets out our approach to sustainable development. It refers to the use of an online sustainability statement and energy statement, which is completed through a carbon compliance tool called C-Plan. This is relevant for development of one or more homes, change of use or conversions, non-residential development, and non-building development (such as car parking or landscaping).

Policy CS29 of the Dacorum Core Strategy (adopted September 2013) sets out a number of sustainability criteria to be met by new development (including householder development). Applicants for planning permission are therefore asked to complete the following  CS29 checklist (Word document 32KB) in order to demonstrate how their development will meet the requirements of Policy CS29. Please return via email to

Please note, in time, it is the intention to incorporate the CS29 criteria into C-Plan.

Further information

Sustainable Development Advice Note (PDF 80 KB) (Note: currently being updated to fully comply with relevant policies in the Core Strategy)

Estimate the costs and benefits of micro-generation and energy efficiency projects using Encraft's free online calculators.