Statement of Community Involvement

Preparing a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a national requirement set out by Government. The role of the SCI is to outline our standards for community involvement in the planning process and to identify ways we will achieve these standards. The previous SCI needed to be updated to ensure that it reflected new Government requirements set out in current Planning Acts and Regulations and the increasing use of electronic communication.

We adopted our new SCI on 13 July 2016:

 Statement of Community Involvement (PDF 768KB)

The SCI sets out our approach to public consultation in two areas of planning:

  • Planning policies: The preparation, alteration and continuing review of planning policy documents included within the local development framework.
  • Planning applications: Consultation on planning applications.

The SCI explains when we will consult the community in relation to planning applications, development plan documents and supplementary planning documents; what we will expect from applicants before they submit a planning application; how we engage with the community and who we will involve.

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