Sustainable development

The way in which buildings are designed, constructed, operated and decommissioned has a significant impact on the built and natural environment, and requires major resources such as energy, water and materials. Designing and constructing buildings that help to minimise the consumption of these resources and limit construction waste can not only reduce the borough’s carbon footprint, but also reduce costs for developers and occupiers.

Sustainable building and construction is therefore an essential part of the response to the challenges of climate change, natural resource depletion, habitat loss and wider environmental and social issues.

Guidance and checklist

Please see our  Sustainable development advice note (PDF 468KB), which reflects recent changes in Government guidance. 

The demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes (and residential BREEAM) means that Building Regulations will be the bar against which applicants for residential development will have to demonstrate that they are meeting the goals of the Government’s green agenda. BREEAM standards of ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’ will still be sought for non-residential development.

We no longer use C-Plan. This means that applicants for the following types of application for new development (see below) need to complete and submit the updated  Sustainable development checklist (PDF 112KB) as part of their planning application:

  • All residential houses and flats
  • Residential refurbishments, conversions and change of uses for: a) 10 or more dwellings, or b) 500 square metres or more floorspace
  • Multi-occupation residential buildings with seven or more bedrooms (for example, retirement homes)
  • Non-residential development of 500 square metres or more floorspace (including offices, retail and industrial, excluding parking and landscape areas)

The completed checklist should be uploaded / submitted at the same time as the other documents that form part of the planning application.

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