New Single Local Plan (to 2036)

What is the new Local Plan?

We formally adopted the Core Strategy for Dacorum on 25 September 2013. Section 29 of the Core Strategy (called Monitoring) includes a commitment to conduct a partial review of the Core Strategy. We confirmed that this would follow completion of the Site Allocations DPD. Through this new Local Plan (partial review), we said we would look again at:

  • household projections
  • the role and function of the Green Belt affecting Dacorum, including long-term boundaries and the potential to identify safeguarded land beyond 2031, and, more significantly,
  • the role that effective co-operation with local planning authorities could play in meeting any housing needs arising from Dacorum. This element will include St Albans district and relevant areas lying beyond the Green Belt.

Issues and Options consultation

We are in the process of preparing a new Local Plan for the borough. The first stage of this process was the preparation of an Issues and Options document. This looked at the challenges the borough faces to 2036, and options for how these could be addressed to ensure the growth that we need is delivered in the right place, and is of the right character and quality. Extensive public consultation was carried out on the Issues and Options document in November 2017.

A draft Sustainability Appraisal Working Note, which assessed the potential social, economic and environmental implications of the issues and options put forward, was also published for comment.  Other supporting documents were also available.

Public exhibitions

A series of public exhibitions, attended by representatives of the Council, were held:

Issues and Options consultation responses

The consultation generated a high level of response and a comprehensive report of the consultation and next steps in response to points raised has been produced.

Once finalised, the new Local Plan will replace the Core Strategy and Site Allocations DPDs and ‘saved’ polices from the 2004 Local Plan.

Why is the new Local Plan important?

Our prime location and excellent connectivity mean that we have high growth pressures that we need to plan for. We need more homes and, in particular, homes that you and your families can afford to buy and to rent. It means that we need to continue to create more opportunities for jobs to grow the local economy. We also need to keep improving our transport networks and other key facilities, and protect and enhance what you love about where you live.  

Producing a Local Plan is a priority for us for a number of reasons. The Government is clear that local authorities are expected to have up-to-date plans in place to guide development within their area to plan for the infrastructure, homes and jobs that our residents need. Failure to have an up-to-date plan could risk government intervention and result in the loss of local democratic control of the process. Having an up-to-date plan in place also means that we retain control over where development should be located rather than it being delivered in an ad hoc way as a result of speculative development, sometimes without sufficient benefit to local communities or consideration of local infrastructure.

How we’ve been developing our Local Plan

The Plan has been informed by evidence and technical studies. Some evidence gathering has already begun to help inform this process. For more details, please visit our evidence base work for the new single Local Plan.

Listening to the community

From consultations for previous planning documents, we know that local communities want us to:

  • keep the character of Dacorum
  • limit the impact on the countryside
  • plan for homes for the older generation and affordable homes
  • plan for local jobs and services
  • make sure our roads can cope
  • provide suitable levels of infrastructure to support new development
  • use brownfield sites

Next steps

For more information about future stages of the plan preparation and future consultation, please see our Local Development Scheme page for the up-to-date timetable. This timetable will be kept under review.

How can I find out more?

Please contact the Strategic Planning and Regeneration team if you have any questions or require further information:

Telephone: 01442 228660
Address: Strategic Planning and Regeneration Team, Dacorum Borough Council. The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel  Hempstead, Hertfordshire. HP1 1DN

South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan

For more information, please see our South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan page.

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