New Dacorum Local Plan (to 2038) 

What is the new Dacorum Local Plan?

The new Dacorum Local Plan is where the big decisions on planning for the future of our communities and the borough will be made. It sets out where new homes will be built and what employment land, new community facilities and infrastructure will be needed - including new schools and transport improvements.

In our next stage in preparing the new Dacorum Local Plan, we are consulting on the Emerging Strategy for Growth (2020-2038). This sets out our preferred approach to accommodating growth across Dacorum, the sites we are proposing and the draft policies that will deliver these and control other development within the borough. Our video explains more:

Once adopted, the new Dacorum Local Plan will replace the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (2016), Core Strategy (2013) and ‘saved policies’ from the Dacorum Borough Local Plan (2004). We’re also working with our neighbouring authorities to develop a Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) for the South West Hertfordshire area. This will set out a strategic framework and shared priorities for five local authorities and Hertfordshire County Council, and help us jointly plan for new infrastructure to be delivered alongside new homes and jobs.

Dacorum Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth (2020-2038) consultation

Our consultation on the Emerging Strategy for Growth stage of the Local Plan is now closed.

Thank you to everyone that took part in the consultation. We are currently reviewing and processing each comment submitted before making them available to view online via our consultation portal. We received a high number of responses and are working hard to publish all comments. We apologise if your comment has not yet been published. Once all of the comments received during the consultation period have been made public, we will prepare and publish a summary of responses report.

Consultation documents

Dacorum Local Plan (2020-2038) Emerging Strategy for Growth documents

 Part 1 - Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 - pages 1 to 187 (PDF 8MB)
 Part 2 - Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 - pages 188 to 261 (PDF 4MB)
 Part 3 - Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 - pages 262 to 297 (PDF 11MB)
 Part 4 - Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 - pages 298 to 359 (PDF 11MB)
 Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 Draft Proposals Map (PDF 9MB)

Sustainability Appraisal documents

 Dacorum Local Plan Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report - November 2020 (PDF 2MB)
 Dacorum Local Plan Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report Appendices - November 2020 (PDF 4MB)
 Dacorum Local Plan Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report - Non-Technical Summary - November 2020 (PDF 1MB)

Other supporting consultation documents

 Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020-2038 - Summary Document (PDF 4MB) 
 Local Plan Emerging Strategy for Growth Consultation FAQs and Supporting Information (PDF 10MB)

What happens next?

We will be reviewing all the comments we have received over the coming months. Your responses, alongside ongoing discussions with key organisations, further technical work and evidence gathering, will help us decide how best to carry forward our approach to accommodating and managing future growth and development within the borough in the next stage of the new Dacorum Local Plan.

Please keep an eye on this web page for the latest updates.

Previous consultations

In November 2017, extensive public consultation was carried out on the Issues and Options document - this looked at the challenges the borough faces to 2036, and options for how these could be addressed. A draft Sustainability Appraisal Working Note, which assessed the potential social, economic and environmental implications of the issues and options put forward, was also published for comment. Find out more about the Issue and Options consultation.

How we’ve been developing our Local Plan

The Plan has been informed by evidence and technical studies. Some evidence gathering has already begun to help inform this process. For more details, please visit our evidence base work for the new single Local Plan.

How can I find out more?

Please contact the Strategic Planning and Regeneration team if you have any questions or require further information:

Telephone: 01442 228660 - Due to COVID-19 you may experience longer wait times than normal when calling, please email if at all possible.
Address: Strategic Planning and Regeneration Team, Dacorum Borough Council. The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel  Hempstead, Hertfordshire. HP1 1DN

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