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Contact details for the planning and development department
Team Services Email Telephone
Building control  Building regulations, site inspections, and dangerous structures 01442 228587 
Conservation and design Listed buildings and conservation areas 01442 228261
Planning department Planning queries, appeals and enforcement
01442 228671
Local land charges Property search enquiries 01442 228219
Strategic planning Local planning policies, technical studies, masterplans and monitoring of S106 and CIL 01442 228660
Regeneration Large-scale regeneration projects in our towns. Please see the Regeneration pages of our website for more information 01442 228352

Main office

The Forum
Hemel Hempstead

Warning signWe will be collecting bins from roads where it is safe to do so. Please leave your bins out for collection. If your bins have not yet been collected, leave them on the boundary of your property and we will collect them as soon as conditions allow. ×