Homes for Ukraine scheme - information for council tenants

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many of our tenants have approached us to ask whether we will give permission for them to offer a spare room to refugees.

As one of our tenants, we are delighted that you wish to make this generous offer, and we will be happy to give our approval, provided that your home is suitable and has sufficient space. You may not offer a home to refugees (even if they are part of your own family) if doing so would cause overcrowding.

Please read our  Bedroom standards information sheet (PDF 1MB) for more details.

Please note: you do not need to ask our permission to offer a home to Ukrainian refugees. You should not contact our Housing service for information about Homes for Ukraine. Hertfordshire County Council is leading this scheme.

How to make an offer

Hertfordshire County Council is coordinating all support efforts for Ukrainian refugees across the county. You must be prepared to offer a home for at least six months. If you would like to do this, but don't already have a Ukrainian family member who wishes to come to the UK, your first step would be to record your interest on the Government website.

Once you have recorded your interest, you will receive an email from Hertfordshire County Council explaining the next steps.

Everyone in Dacorum who has recorded their interest in the Homes for Ukraine scheme will be contacted by our Private Sector Housing Team. This is to make sure that the accommodation you are offering is suitable for the number of people you will be hosting, is warm and free from any hazards. If you are offering accommodation to young children or anyone with a disability, there will be additional checks to ensure their safety, particularly if your home has a pond or greenhouse in the garden.

If you are one of our tenants, our tenancy team will check your tenancy record to make sure that there are no serious issues such as anti-social behaviour, or a safeguarding concern. In addition, all hosts and refugees must give their consent for a standard Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

If you have other questions about the scheme, please visit the Government's website.

Important: You should not contact our Housing service for information about Homes for Ukraine. Hertfordshire County Council is leading this scheme.

What happens next?

There are many sites to match potential hosts with refugees seeking accommodation in the UK. You may wish to join a local social media group, where local residents are coordinating offers of accommodation with Ukrainians wishing to live close to friends, family, or suitable employment. Alternatively, you could check out the Government's list of recognised providers.

Once you have found a Ukrainian individual or family and agreed that you are prepared to host them for at least six months, they will need to apply for permission to enter the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. If they need help, then you can do this on their behalf. Please read the Government guidance on how to apply for a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

If you have a Ukrainian family member wishing to come to the UK to live with you, the process is different. You would need to apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa.

We will record details of everyone living in your home whilst you are hosting refugees. Your guests will be expected to abide by the same standards of good behaviour that you agreed to when you signed your Tenancy Agreement.

Further help

Herts With Ukraine provides information and resources to help you if you are planning on becoming a sponsor (having someone stay in a property you own), or a member of a support group (the wraparound care for the sponsor and individual/family), for a Ukrainian guest(s). It outlines the main areas of support that those that are resettling are likely to need. It gives questions to consider, signposts to resources and advice from other volunteers with experience.


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