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What sizes are available for the blue-lidded bin?

Blue lidded wheeled bin

All residents have a standard blue-lidded bin (240 litre). 

Residents with access issues can have a small (140 litre) wheeled bin after an assessment has been made. If you require this, please email recycle@dacorum.gov.uk or call 01442 228000 and ask for Waste Services and we will arrange for a Recycling Advisor to visit you to assess your request. You will be contacted within two weeks and it will initially be a phone call to discuss the issue.

If you have excess recycling, this can be put in a sturdy container beside your blue-lidded bin - for example, your old recycling box - and we will collect this. If you are regularly overfilling your bin, then you can apply for a larger 360-litre one.

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What sizes are available for the grey bin?

Photo of a grey wheeled binAll residents have a standard grey bin (240 litre). Residents can have a small (140 litre) bin if the standard size is not needed.

All applications for a larger refuse bin are subject to an eligibility criteria and are also time limited. If your household has six or more full-time residents, or five full-time residents where at least one infant is in nappies, then you may be eligible for a larger (360-litre) grey bin, pending an assessment. However, you cannot apply for a 360-litre grey bin unless you have been using a 360-litre blue-lidded bin for at least three months.

Please help us to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by recycling as much as possible, using your food waste caddies, green-lidded bin, your blue-lidded bin and the Recycling Centres. Additionally, you may also be interested in our reusable nappy scheme, our love food, hate waste tips and our reusables page to help you to generate less waste.

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What sizes are available for the green-lidded bin?

Photo of a green wheeled bin

Anyone who signs up to our Garden Waste Subscription Service is offered a 240-litre green-lidded bin. Green-lidded bins will only be collected if you have bought a subscription and have received a subscription sticker. 

We are unable to provide a larger green-lidded bin. Excess garden waste can be taken to a Recycling Centre, composted at home or you can purchase an additional bin through the subscription service

What sizes are available for the kerbside caddy?

Kerbside caddy

All residents have a standard sized kerbside caddy (23 litres).

We are unable provide a larger sized kerbside caddy. If you find that you are overfilling the kerbside caddy on a weekly basis then we can provide you with a second kerbside caddy. Before you request a second kerbside caddy, please visit our Reducing Food Waste page, which shares tips on how to prevent food waste, plus much more. Additionally, you may also want to look into setting up a home composting system.

We will only collect a maximum of two kerbside caddies on your bin collection day.

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