Discretionary housing payments

If you receive some help with your housing costs, but are still struggling to pay your rent, you may be able to get some extra assistance in the form of a discretionary housing payment.

A discretionary housing payment is only available to people who are entitled to either housing benefit or universal credit (which includes an element for housing costs).

A discretionary housing payment can cover housing costs including:
  • your rent
  • rent in advance or deposits
  • removal costs or other lump sum costs.

Please note that a discretionary housing payment cannot help with:

  • mortgage costs
  • council tax
  • increases in rent to pay off rent arrears.

Apply for a discretionary housing payment

You must contact the Benefits team to apply for a discretionary housing payment. You can email benefits@dacorum.gov.uk or call Customer Services on 01442 228000 to request an application form.

Our Benefits team will assess each case individually.

If you are at risk of losing your home because you cannot pay your rent, please contact our homelessness service immediately.

It may take up to one month for us to gather all of the information we need. Once we have enough information, we will usually make a decision on your application within two weeks.

For more information about discretionary housing payments, please view our  Discretionary Housing Payment policy (PDF 151KB).

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