Benefits - change of circumstances

When your circumstances change, you must tell us. A change may affect how much you can claim.

You must tell us if you, or anyone else in your property:

  • Move in or move out
  • Are going to be away from home for more than four weeks
  • Start or stop a job, school or university
  • Go into hospital for more than one night
  • Have any changes to rent, pay, pension, savings or benefits or a backdated payment
  • Get married, start a civil partnership, or get divorced
  • Have a baby, foster, or adopt

Tell us about a change

Only use the form below if you have an active claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. If you are not getting either of these and your circumstances have changed, you will need to make an application for Council Tax Support.

Report a change of circumstances online

You will need:

  • A digital copy of your evidence or a way of photographing or scanning it (for example, a smartphone).

Council Tax changes

Please report changes to Council Tax separately. Visit our Council Tax page for more information.

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