Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Getting started

Please download and complete a  Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit claim form (PDF 788KB)

Filling out your claim form

Please follow the instructions on your claim form. You will need:

  • proof of rent (a rent statement or tenancy agreement stating your rent)
  • ID (a passport or driver’s licence)
  • proof of income (a payslip or benefits statement)
  • proof of savings (a bank statement or pass book)

Please note: You do not need to provide evidence of rent for Council Tax Support only claims.

Return your form to us

Send your completed form, including the documents listed above, to:

Benefits, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1DN.

We aim to make a decision on your claim within four weeks. We will write to you when we have made our decision. If we have all the information, we will make a decision sooner. If we need more information, we will write to you.

Need help filling in the form?

If you need help completing the claim form, please contact us.

  • Email
  • Phone 01442 228000
  • If you find it difficult getting to one of our Customer Service Centres, we can arrange for a benefits officer to visit you at home. To make an appointment for a home visit, please email or call 01442 228000. 

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