Trees in conservation areas

Most trees in conservation areas are protected if they are over 75mm diameter, measured 1.5 metres above ground level. Exemptions, as described in relation to Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applications, also apply.

Works to or felling of trees in a conservation area are unlawful unless six weeks' notice in writing is given us. (This is referred to as a Section 211 notice). This gives us an opportunity to consider making a TPO. As we are not granting consent in such cases, we cannot impose any conditions. However, if trees are removed in contravention of the notice or as an exemption, then the landowner has a duty to plant another tree. A TPO will be made if the proposed works are considered unacceptable and the usual requirements for making a TPO are met.

Applications for tree works

You can apply online through the Planning Portal website or complete the following application form and return to us:  Application for tree works: works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area (PDF 877KB)

Applications for works to trees in conservation areas are dealt with by Planning Officers under delegated powers, in consultation with the Trees and Woodlands team.

For help in completing the form, please read the Planning Portal's  Tree works application guidance notes (PDF 183KB).

Please remember that it is an offence to carry out works to a tree in a conservation area without giving us six weeks' notice. The penalties are the same as those for contravening a TPO.

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