Lifeline - emergency community alarm service

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is an emergency community alarm service that allows you to have peace of mind and an added level of security in your own home. If you fall or have an emergency it enables you to contact the Control Centre quickly and easily. It operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

How does it work?

If you have an emergency, then pressing the button on the main unit or pendant will automatically dial the Control Centre. The operator can identify you as soon as the call is connected and can immediately contact the best person or service to help you.

If you live in a Sheltered Housing Scheme the call goes through to your Supported Housing Officer when they are on duty.

How much does it cost?

Council tenants pay just £3.50 per week over 48 weeks of each year.

All other applicants need to make four equal payments of £41.99 by Direct Debit in April, July, October and January.

The cost will increase slightly on 1 April each year, but we will notify you of the new amount before we begin to charge you.

We do not ask for a deposit. All equipment is provided by us, following a visit by our trained Lifeline installer.

How do I get Lifeline?

You can apply for Lifeline online:

Apply now

Alternatively, you can email or call us on 01442 228347 and we will send you an application pack.

For more information, please view our  Lifeline Service leaflet (PDF 1MB).

What is Telecare?

Telecare is additional equipment that works with your Lifeline and connects automatically to the monitoring centre with no need to press a pendant. This extra equipment includes smoke detectors and a fall pendant that will detect if you have a fall and automatically raise the alarm.

If you would like to refer someone for a Lifeline or Telecare equipment, please fill in our  Lifeline and Telecare Referral Form (PDF 681KB).

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