Repairs to leasehold properties

Find out who's responsible for repairs to leasehold properties, and how to report a repair.

Responsibility for repairs

As the owner of the leasehold you are responsible for maintaining the inside of your flat. This includes fittings such as kitchen units and sinks, ceilings, floors and windows. You are also responsible for repairing any leaks or burst pipes in your property. 

We are responsible for repairs to the outside of your property. This includes outside walls, the roof, the foundations and lifts (including servicing). You will need to pay towards the costs of any repairs and maintenance we carry out.

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for making sure your boiler and gas appliances are safe. For more information, please see the  Gas Safety and Servicing Information Sheet (PDF 581KB).

You are also responsible for the security of your front door and any shed doors. If your front door opens onto a communal area, it must meet the FD30 standard to be fire resistant for 30 minutes. You can find out more in our   Fire Safety Advice for Leaseholders Information Sheet (PDF 348KB)

Further information about responsibility for repairs is available in our  Leaseholder handbook - responsibility for repairs (PDF 481KB).

Reporting a repair

Online: Visit our Housing repair request page.
Phone: 0800 018 6050 between 8am and 5.15pm.

To report an emergency repair out of hours (between 5.15pm and 8am weekdays and all day weekends and bank holidays) please call 0800 018 6050.  Please do not report emergency repairs online.

Commercial property

If you're leasing a commercial property, or a flat above a shop, then the building is owned by our commercial property section (Estates).

To report your repair:
Phone: 01442 228000 and ask for “Building Services”. Please leave a message with the details if your call is not answered.

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