Most of the responsibilities required of you as one of our tenants are set out in the Tenancy Agreement that you signed when you moved into your current home. If your current tenancy started before 1 September 2013 then you will have a revised Tenancy Agreement that started on that date.

Your main responsibilities as a tenant are:

To treat staff and neighbours with respect

You must not:

  • be violent
  • use threatening language
  • swear
  • be disrespectful to members of staff or the public

To live in the property as your only or main home

You must live in the property as your only or main home. If you don’t, your tenancy will end. You cannot allow another person to live in the property without you unless we have agreed to this. If you are a joint tenant, only one of you has to live in the property, but you both continue to share responsibilities as our tenants.

If you have to be away from your home for more than three weeks at one time, please tell your Housing Officer – Tenancy. We can then put routine repairs or inspections on hold until you return. In winter, if you ask us to, we can drain your property’s heating and water system before you go away to avoid it freezing, and refill the water and heating system when you return. We would charge you for doing this.

While you are away from the property, if there is an emergency we can enter your property and carry out essential repairs that are needed to prevent injury or damage to property. By law we must service your gas boiler once a year. If you do not allow us in to do this, we will apply for a court order allowing us to enter your property.

To pay your rent

Your rent is due on Monday each week for the week ahead. If you have difficulty paying your rent, please contact us straight away to let us know what the problem is and how you will make up any missed payments. It is very important that we agree with you how you can pay off any rent arrears -otherwise we could start legal proceedings to end your tenancy.

If you are on a low income, you may be able to get Universal Credit (or Housing Benefit, please check by calling the Benefits department on 01442 228000).

To avoid causing problems to other residents

You must not cause a nuisance to others and not allow anyone living with or visiting you to do so.

To make sure the property is well maintained

You should arrange to carry out all the small repairs that are your responsibility and tell us about any repairs that are our responsibility.

To maintain your garden

If your home has its own enclosed garden, you must prevent it from causing a nuisance to your neighbours or becoming an eyesore. Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, if you do not maintain your garden, we can carry out essential work and charge you for this. We would only do this if you have failed to correct a problem that we had previously brought to your attention.

To leave the property in a good condition

For information about the standards expected when you move out of your home, please see our leaflet:  Leaving your home (PDF 9MB)

Service standards

The standards of service that you can expect from us are set out in this document:  Housing Service Standards (PDF 249KB).

Contact us

If you have any queries about your responsibilities as a council tenant please contact us:

Telephone: Call our Customer Service Unit on 01442 228000 and ask for ‘Housing’. Please note, your call may be recorded.
In person: Visit your nearest Customer Service Centre: The Forum in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted Civic Centre or Victoria Hall in Tring. For opening times, please visit our Contact Us page.

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