Dacorum Online Training (DOT)

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Dacorum Online Training (DOT) is an online portal that provides free training and wellbeing courses for all - for example, Being Resilient, Beating the Common Forms of Stress, and basic budgeting courses. These courses contain a wealth of information to help with personal growth and knowledge of both housing and general wellbeing.

How do I get involved?

Both existing tenants and housing applicants can get involved in DOT.

Existing tenants

Existing tenants can self-refer for any DOT courses by visiting the DOT website.

Housing applicants

Housing applicants may be referred for pre-tenancy training by a Housing Officer - there are six bite-size training courses, plus a feedback page, to complete. We encourage all applicants to complete the DOT pre-tenancy training course before moving into their first Council home. We no longer award additional points for completing pre-tenancy training.

More information

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email talk-to-us@dacorum.gov.uk.

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