Visitor parking

Anyone living at an eligible address in a Controlled Parking Zone can create an account on our online system and apply for a Resident Permit or Visitor Parking Sessions.

The system is simple to use. You will need to supply evidence that you live at a qualifying address in the zone and that the vehicle meets the criteria for a permit. Once the application and supporting evidence have been submitted, payment will be requested, which must be made via debit or credit card. You will not receive a paper resident permit or visitor scratch card to display in the vehicle as this is not required.

You do not need to have a residents' parking permit to buy visitor parking sessions.

Once you have purchased a block of visitor parking sessions they can be used as required, or parking sessions can be booked in advance.

Please note that purchased visitor parking sessions are valid for one year and are not refundable. If you move away from the zone, any balance of visitor sessions on your account will be cancelled at the same time as your resident permit, so only purchase as many as you need.

To see if your property lies within the boundary of a Controlled Parking Zone, please refer to our  List of Controlled Parking Zones (PDF 550KB).


Each household (one property) can:

  • buy visitor parking sessions (the amount you can buy depends on which zone you live in – see table below), and
  • buy up to four one-week visitor permits per year for longer visits.

If you are a senior citizen (over 60 years), you can buy up to double the visitor parking session allocation for the zone you live in and up to eight one-week visitor permits per year. 

Visitor parking voucher allocation by area
AreaZoneAnnual visitor voucher allocation
Apsley"A" zone700 hours
Beaumayes, Hemel Hempstead"B" zone600 hours
Boxmoor"X" zone100 hours
Corner Hall, Hemel Hempstead"S" zone600 hours
Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead"C" zone700 hours
Green End, Hemel Hempstead"G" zone500 hours
Hospital area, Hemel Hempstead"H" zone600 hours
Kodak, Hemel Hempstead"K" zone800 hours
Roughdown, Hemel Hempstead"R" zone600 hours
Tring Station"T" zone600 hours
Kents Avenue, Hemel Hempstead"D" zone600 hours 
Orchard, Hemel Hempstead"O" zone600 hours
Elm Grove, Berkhamsted"F" zone700 hours


Resident visitor parking sessions are:

  • £5 for 25 one-hour parking sessions (£2.50 for senior citizens and Dacorum Card holders)
  • £3.25 for 5 five-hour parking sessions (£1.62 for senior citizens and Dacorum Card holders)

You can buy resident parking sessions in blocks of 25 hours up to your annual allowance.

Each long-stay (one week) visitor permit costs £4 (half price for senior citizens and Dacorum Card holders). Each permit is only valid for the specified dates. 

Once we have received your application and payment, the visitor parking session will be 'live' on the date and times you have stated, there will be no paper scratch card or permit to display within the vehicle.

Using your existing scratch card vouchers

As long as you have a stock of visitor vouchers, please continue using them past April 2019. Once all your vouchers have been used, please use the virtual visitor session system.

If you require help to obtain virtual visitor sessions, please email our enforcement contractor’s team on and they will be happy to help you. Alternatively, call 01908 223505. 

We will write to residents prior to the use of existing paper visitor vouchers being withdrawn.

Scratch off a box in every section – day, date, month, time of start of visit, morning/afternoon to use these.

You can display more than one voucher to cover the required parking time. Stagger the start times so that the expiry time of one voucher matches the start time of the next.

If you are parking the vehicle overnight, display vouchers to cover it until the end of the restricted hours, and another voucher starting from the beginning of restricted hours the next day. You can display all the vouchers at the same time.


To apply for visitor parking sessions, please use the link below:

Apply now

If your visitor intends to park for longer than the length of your individual ‘Visitor Parking Session’, then you will need to book more than one session to ensure that they are covered. For example, if a visitor is parking for three hours, you will need to book consecutive one-hour sessions to cover this period.

Booking out your purchased visitor sessions

Once you've purchased a block(s) of visitor parking sessions, and you have a visitor, you will need to book out the parking sessions in your account. Please follow the steps shown in our  Booking out a visitor parking session guide (PDF 346KB).

Please note: To buy a long stay (one-week) visitor parking session, a resident in the household first needs to obtain the free ‘visitor permit entitlement’ as part of their application. The long-stay visitor parking sessions are £4 per week (half price for senior citizens and Dacorum Card holders).

More information

For further information, please see our  How to purchase blocks of visitor sessions (PDF 869KB) information guide.


We have a duty to protect the public funds we administer, and may use the information that you have provided on this form to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

For more information, please visit our privacy policies page.

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