Parking dispensations

If you have building work being carried out and your tradesperson needs to park a vehicle or place a skip close to your property in an area that has waiting restrictions, you will need to apply for a dispensation.

A dispensation is a temporary permit that will allow a vehicle to be parked in a location during the restricted times.

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List of parking dispensation charges
Number of days Charge 
1 day £25 
2 days  £50 
3 days £75 
4 days  £100 
5 days £125 
6 days £150
For each day after the sixth, the charge is £25 per day.

Terms and conditions

  • Documentation/proof of the work to be carried out must be produced in all cases. Applications will be assessed individually, taking into account local conditions and likely availability of space.
  • Waivers will only be issued in extraordinary circumstances, when it is essential for the vehicle to be adjacent to the affected property or site (for example, fitting large panels of glass or when the use of a mobile generator is required). These circumstances do not include the use of the vehicle as a mobile workshop.
  • Tradespersons working for clients in Controlled Parking Zones should request the use of resident’s visitor parking sessions before requesting waivers. This will allow them to park in resident permit or shared use bays.
  • The exact location must be agreed with our Parking Services team in advance.
  • If the dispensation is authorised for use in a restricted parking bay then, unlike parking suspensions, parking dispensations do not guarantee a parking space.
  • An extension to an existing dispensation will not be automatically approved - a new dispensation application must be submitted.
  • Payment must be made upon authorisation from us, and before the agreed start date.
  • Dispensations are non-refundable.
  • Vehicles must not block other residents' dropped kerbs.
  • Vehicles must not cause an obstruction - the flow of traffic must be maintained.
  • Safe access for pedestrians must be maintained along any adjacent pavement or footpath.
  • Any misuse or complaints may result in the dispensation being withdrawn.
  • Parking Services require at least five working days' notice

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If you need to a dispensation for a longer period of time, or you require further information, please call 01908 223505 or email

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