Doctor/health visitor parking permits

Doctors surgeries or medical organisations who need to frequently visit patients living within a Controlled Parking Zone may be issued with Doctor/Health Visitor (DHV) permits. These permits enable medical staff to park in any resident permit holder only space within the zone whilst they are carrying out essential home visits. These permits are virtual required no paper permits to be displayed within the vehicles windscreen.

DHV permit holders may only park in permit holder only bays and shared use bays. They are not permitted to park in pay and park bays without payment, and permits do not give immunity from yellow line waiting restrictions. DHV permits are also not valid when parked outside your normal place of work.

The cost of a DHV permit is £40 per year.

To see which properties lie within the boundary of a Controlled Parking Zone, please refer to the  List of Controlled Parking Zones (PDF 550KB).

Apply for a Doctor/Health Visitor permit(s)

Please write a letter requesting a permit/permits (on surgery or care company letterheaded paper) to: Parking Services, PO Box 921, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1ZP. Alternatively, email

We issue a limited number of DHV permits for use by medical personnel, and we may request further information once we've received your application.

If your application is successful, then you will need to create and manage an account on our online system.

Please note: future issue of DHV permits may be withdrawn if there is any evidence of misuse.


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