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Timothy Spall on the Aspen Estate in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead while filming a scene from Sky's This Is Christmas

Dacorum has increasingly become a go-to destination for filming. Locations across the borough have been used in hits such as the BBC's Pie in the Sky, Mr Stink and The Cleaner, Netflix' After Life and Sky’s This is Christmas (pictured) and Romantic Getaway, to name but a few.

To help meet the growing demand for locations, we've created a new locations database to help production and location managers to find the right locations more easily.

If you have a residential property, business or piece of land you would be happy to be used for filming, this is an ideal time to add your details to our database. You could earn a fee and see your property or business feature in a major production.

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  • "I would like to say how professional the filming company were that used my house for filming. They arrived early in the morning and started their set up, were very courteous to both me and my neighbours, taking care not to inconvenience anyone in the surrounding houses too much. After a few hours, the area outside was transformed into a beautiful snowy day, despite it actually being a heatwave outside. They used some areas inside of my home for the actors as well as the outside for filming. Everyone I came across was very polite and accommodating. Once they had finished their filming and packed away I was delighted when the professional cleaners arrived to clean my house - an added bonus. All the neighbours were excited to watch the end result over Christmas and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again." - Tracy, Dacorum resident
  • "We run Old Town Coffee and Cake and found the whole experience very positive - the film crew were friendly and amenable, and happy to enjoy what we had to offer. We'd be more than happy to have more filming happen along the High Street if it's all as positive an experience." - Bruce, Dacorum business owner

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