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Consultation on Statement of Community Involvement for the South West Herts JSP

Public and stakeholder engagement will be an important part of preparing this Plan. The Joint Strategic Plan team have therefore prepared a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) that sets out the broad approach it will take to engagement at different stages of plan preparation. This SCI will be supplemented by more detailed engagement strategies, that will be drawn up at each key stage.

The JSP Team welcomes residents’ feedback on the draft document. Comments should reach the JSP Team by 5pm on 17 January 2022. Further details, including how to view the SCI and how to comment, can be found on the SW Herts website.


Neighbouring authorities are increasingly being encouraged to work together to provide the homes, jobs and infrastructure where people want to live.

Along with Dacorum Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council, Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council, we have begun work on a Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) for the South West Hertfordshire area (see map below).

A key aim will be to ensure that infrastructure - such as transport, schools, health, and utilities (for example, water and sewerage) - are properly co-ordinated and delivered alongside the need for new homes and jobs. All five of the borough / district councils also make up a single housing market area.

By working together, the councils are confident they will be in a stronger position to deliver and better fund the essential local transport links, health services and educational facilities that local people want to see.

Each council will still be responsible for preparing its own Local Plan, but a JSP will be a critical stage in local planning work across South West Hertfordshire, setting the strategic framework and shared priorities within which individual Local Plans can be prepared.

All five Councils have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to take the work forward.

Area to be covered by the Joint Strategic Plan

Map of local authorities in South West Herts taking part in a Joint Strategic Plan

Governance, agendas and minutes

As part of progressing this work , the Councils have agreed the following governance arrangements:

Agendas and minutes from the meetings of the Strategic Planning Members Group are as follows:

Initial engagement 

In partnership with the five other councils that make up South West Hertfordshire, we ran a Your Future poll in order to hear what you like about your area now, and what you think we should be thinking about as we look to shape the future.

The engagement, which was hosted and managed by specialist online consultants, took place between February and May 2020.

Their report of the initial engagement results is available to view below:

 South West Hertfordshire Initial Engagement Results (PDF 8MB)