Two Waters Opportunity Area

As we continue to develop our new Local Plan, we are looking to identify several new ‘Opportunity Areas’ across Hemel Hempstead. One of those has been identified in the Apsley and Two Waters area of Hemel Hempstead, which we are calling the Two Waters Opportunity Area.

We know from our recent Local Plan consultation that the continued regeneration of the town remains a key priority for our community and we're keen to take this forward by exploring new opportunities for further regeneration and renewal.

To help explore the Two Waters Opportunity Area in more depth, we ran a consultation to find out what our residents consider to be most important, including:

  • What they currently like and dislike about the Two Waters area
  • What special features make the area unique, including:
    • local landmarks
    • key features
    • important views
  • What they think we should focus on to make the area a better place. 


The consultation closed at 5pm on Wednesday 29 June. We will no longer be accepting comments and any comments received via email will also not be included in the summary report.

This page will be updated when the summary report has been prepared.

Area of interest

Please view our  Two Waters Opportunity Area map (PDF 9MB).

More information

Find out more about the Local Plan.

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If you have any questions, please email or call 01442 228660.