See if you qualify

Anyone over the age of 18 with a housing need can apply to join the Housing Register. Some people might not qualify or be eligible.

These include:

  • those with no housing need
  • certain people who are subject to immigration control
  • those with a history of unacceptable behaviour
  • those who owe debt to us, a registered provider or private landlord
  • those who have not complied with a previous tenancy agreement
  • those who have a household income of more than £44,000 to £66,000 a year (dependent upon household size)
  • those who own their own home
  • supported housing applicants over the age of 60 (if their capital amount exceeds £400,000).

Allocations policy

Before making an application for social housing, please read our  Housing Allocations Policy (PDF 969KB) for further information on eligibility for the housing register. Each housing association in the borough may have its own allocations policy, which may have different eligibility rules. These policies should be available on their websites or by contacting the housing association directly.

Local connection

Subject to some exceptions, applicants must also meet the local connection criteria by providing evidence of at least one of the following: 

  • a 10-year residency within the borough at some point in their lifetime
  • a family connection where an immediate family member (parent, child, sibling) is over the age of 18 and is resident in the borough for 10 years consecutively, immediately preceding the date of application and is still resident at point of allocation
  • currently in permanent employment within the borough boundary, consisting of 16 hours a week or more, and which has been continuous for the past 24 months. Applicants who are home working must provide evidence that their main workplace is in Dacorum. The employment must be based on actual place of work and not where the head/regional office is sited.

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