We remove graffiti from our property and street furniture - such as litter bins, benches, street name plates and playground equipment.

We do not remove graffiti from private/other buildings or highways structures such as bridges and subways. This is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council. Graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the owner.

We will consider removing graffiti that is not our responsibility. There is a charge for this service and the owner must sign an indemnity.

Request graffiti removal

If you wish to report graffiti that is our responsibility or would like a quote for graffiti removal, please use our online form:

Report graffiti 

How do we clear graffiti?

Our trained staff use dedicated vehicles and equipment to clear graffiti. We use three methods of removal, depending upon the location of the graffiti:

  • Removal using cleaning agents or chemicals
  • Removal using steam pressure
  • Painting over

When will we clear graffiti?

For instances that are our responsibility, we aim to:

  • Clear racist/offensive graffiti within one working day (this is dependent on whether the police need it for evidence)
  • Clear all non-racist/offensive graffiti within seven working days.

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