Trees and woodlands

Our Trees and Woodlands team manage and maintain the thousands of publicly owned trees across the borough. Our team is both office and field based, conducting tree surveys, carrying out maintenance work on existing trees, planting new trees and implementing strategies to protect our trees for future generations. We also advise on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders, those in conservation areas and where trees are affected by development.

Report a tree problem

If you would like to report a problem with a tree/trees, please use the link below to find out who you need to contact.

Report a tree problem

Trees and woodlands policy

Our policy contains information about the management of public trees and also guidance on how to manage your own trees.

The policy recognises the role that tree management will play within our Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy.

It also introduces the CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees) valuation system, which enables a monetary value to be placed on a tree. Where damage or destruction of public trees occurs, we will seek full compensation from those involved to the full CAVAT value. People are therefore advised to check with our Trees and Woodlands team before undertaking any planned tree works.

In addition to the full policy document, we have also created a shorter summary document, which simply contains policy statements and answers to common tree issues. Prior to submitting an enquiry to Trees and Woodlands through this website, you will need to indicate that you have read and understood the Trees and Woodlands Policy 2020-2025 Summary document.

Contact us

Telephone: 01442 228000 and ask for "Trees and Woodlands"

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