Moving home or changing your name?

If you're moving home, or are changing your address or name, here's how to let us know:

Moving home

You need to tell us about the change separately for different services, because there are restrictions on how we can use certain information.

Council tax

Let us know straight away if you're moving home (either within or out of the borough) so you pay the right amount of Council Tax.

Register for Council Tax


To be able to cast your vote in elections and referendums, you'll need to register to vote.

Register to vote

More information

You can also find links to information on when your bins are collected, updating and applying for housing benefit, applying for resident parking permits and more through the Welcome to Dacorum page.

Welcome to Dacorum

Changing your name or address

To let us know about a change of name or address, please fill in our online form below. You will need to enclose a copy of a certificate in order to verify the information - for example, marriage certificate, utility bill or evidence of deed poll.

Let us know about a change of name or address

Applying for an address for a new property

To apply for an address for a new property, or to change the name or add a name to your existing address, please go to our street naming and numbering page.  

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