Paying for parking

PayByPhone logo - our telephone payment provider for parkingOur provider for paying for parking sessions in our car parks and on-street is PayByPhone.

How to use PayByPhone

You will need to either download the PayByPhone app from the PayByPhone website, App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or ring the telephone number displayed on the side of the Pay and Park machine or signpost. You can download the app before going to park.

Once your account is confirmed, you enter the location code that can be found on the side of the Pay and Park machine, choose how long you want to stay and confirm. Your vehicle registration number and payment option can be stored in the app.

Payments can also be made by calling 0330 400 7275 or texting 65565. The PayByPhone website provides further information, as well as demonstration videos on how to use the app and service.

PayByPhone also has an interactive voice response self-service support centre on its website.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

We currently have no plans to remove existing Pay and Park machines so the option to obtain parking sessions by cash or card will remain.

What does it cost?

The service charge (convenience fee) is five pence, which will be added to the cost of the parking session requested.

Additional services, such as text reminders, are 20 pence each.

Our sites and location codes 

PayByPhone codes and locations
PayByPhone location number Location
Hemel Hempstead
803950 Wood Lane End Car Park
803951 The Gables Car Park
803952 High Street Car Park (Old Town)
803953 Queensway Car Park
803954 Alexandra Road Car Park
803955 Water Gardens North, Lower Deck
803956 Water Gardens North, Upper Deck, White Zone (Saturdays and Sundays only)
806427 Water Gardens North, Upper Deck, Red Zone (Saturdays and Sundays only)
803957 Water Gardens South
803958 Moor End Car Park
803959 Park Road Car Park
803960 Waterhouse Street on-street bays
803961 Alexandra Road on-street bays
803962 Cemetery Hill on-street bays
803963 St John's Road on-street bays
803964 Cotterells on-street bays (by Gade Point)
803965 Cotterells on-street bays (by school playing field)
803966 London Road on-street bays
808012 Marlowes on-street bays
803967 Cowper Road Car Park
803968 Durrants Hill Car Park
803969 Water Lane Car Park
803970 St John's Well Lane Car Park
803971 Lower Kings Road Car Park (Floors 0-3)
803972 Lower Kings Road Car Park (Floors 4-5)
803973 Lower Kings Road Car Park (Floors 6-7) (Saturdays and Sundays only)
803974 High Street on-street bays (North of Kings Road)
806059 High Street on-street bays (South of Kings Road)
803975 The Forge Car Park
803976 Church Yard Car Park
803977 Frogmore Street (East) car park
803978 Frogmore Street (West) car park
803979 Victoria Hall Car Park
803980 Old School Yard

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