Master Plans for the Local Allocations

Six ‘Local Allocations’ (Green Belt sites identified for housing development and other associated uses) were identified in our strategic plan, called the Core Strategy. The Core Strategy was adopted in September 2013.

Detail on these sites is also included in the Pre-Submission Site Allocations document, which we consulted on at the same time as the draft master plans consultation. See more on the Site Allocations 2014 web page. 

Consultation took place on the draft master plans for these Local Allocations between 24 September and 5 November 2014. For more information on each of the master plans, please see the links below.

Local Allocations and consultation documents 

The links below give more information on each Local Allocations site:

What happens next?

We will consider the results of this consultation before progressing to the next stage, which is the submission of the document to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in public. Responses to the master plans will be reviewed and it is anticipated these plans will be formally adopted at the same time as the Site Allocations DPD.

Site maps

Maps showing all of the Local Allocation sites are shown below:

 Local Allocation site maps - LA1 to LA6 (PDF 1.54 MB)

Summer 2015 - Focused Changes to the Pre-Submissions Site Allocations

What is this consultation about?

All of the comments received on the Pre-Submission Site Allocations (consulted on between September and November 2014) have now been considered.

As a result of this feedback, and other advice received, we proposed a limited number of changes to the document before it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

This ‘Focused Changes’ consultation (which closed in September 2015) asked for your views on these changes. All comments we received will be made publicly available.

For further information, please see our Site Allocations 2015 page and the formal notice:

Statement of Representations Procedure Focused Changes (PDF 142 KB)

Does this consultation affect the Local Allocation master plans?

The Focused Changes consultation only covered changes we wish to make to the Site Allocations document. It does not include any changes that may be required to the draft master plans for each of the Local Allocations (housing sites on land to be removed from the Green Belt).

However, some of the changes proposed in the Site Allocations relating to these sites will need to be made to the draft master plans in order to ensure consistency across the documents.

As the master plans form part of the background evidence for the Site Allocations Examination they do not need to be formally examined by a Planning Inspector. It is hoped that the master plans will be adopted by the Council at the same time as the final Site Allocations DPD.