Proposal LA3 West Hemel Hempstead

Consultation on Master Plan

Six ‘Local Allocations’ (Green Belt sites identified for housing development and other associated uses) were identified in our strategic plan, called the Core Strategy. The Core Strategy was adopted in September 2013. We have prepared the draft master plan for Local Allocation 3. The master plan adds further detail to the site requirements set out in the Site Allocations document; providing further information on the design and layout of the sites. Consultation took place on the draft master plans for these Local Allocations between 24 September and 5 November 2014.

Documents for LA3

All the comments we received on the master plans can be viewed on our online consultation portal.

 LA3 Master Plan draft October 2015 (PDF 2.56 MB)


The following information relates to the proposed development site at West Hemel Hempstead.

Public consultation: 15 July - 12 August 2013

A four-week public consultation was held between 15 July and 12 August 2013, giving residents and stakeholders the opportunity to get involved in influencing the form and layout of the development. This consultation is now closed.

View all the comments made via our online consultation portal

 Consultation document - shaping the masterplan (PDF 2.24 MB)

Public exhibition - 22 July 2013

A public exhibition was held at Warners End Community Centre on 22 July 2013 to seek feedback on proposals for the new housing development at West Hemel Hempstead. Council officers and landowner representatives were available to answer questions.

Report on the July-August 2013 consultation

  Report on LA3 Consultation July-August 2013 (PDF 9.56 MB)

Report of workshop - 15 May 2013

We held a community workshop attended by selected residents and stakeholders in May 2013. This considered local issues and put forward ideas. The workshop was run independently of the Council. The report of the workshop can be downloaded below.

 Report of LA3 Workshop - 15 May 2013 (PDF 6.58 MB)

Other information about the proposal

The following information relates to the proposed development site at West Hemel Hempstead.

HLA report Geophysics and Walkover - November 2013 (PDF 6.04 MB)
 Our outline proposal for the site (an extract from the Core Strategy) (PDF 16.8KB)
 A statement which the Council agreed with landowners for submission to the examination on the Core Strategy (PDF 3.43MB)

Maps of the location under consideration

 Map 1: Landscape context (PDF 569KB)
 Map 2: Transport links (PDF 397KB)
 Map 3: Urban context (PDF 418KB)
 Map 4: Utilities (PDF 569 KB)
 Map 5: Wider countryside context (PDF 726KB)


A petition was submitted to Full Council on 25 September 2013. It stated that “We, the undersigned oppose Dacorum Borough Council building on Green Belt land at West Hemel Hempstead, (known as LA3).” The petition contained over 1,800 signatures and was organised by the West Hemel Action Group (WHAG). 

 Our response to the petition submitted on 25 September 2013 (PDF 324 KB)

The inclusion of the LA3 site within the Core Strategy formed an important part of the debate at the Full Council meeting. After this debate members voted by 36 to 4 to adopt the Core Strategy. To view the full minutes of the meeting, please search our meetings calendar.

An earlier petition was also received in May 2013 in objection to the proposed site at LA3. The covering note to this petition and our response have been provided in the links below for information.

 Petition to LA3 May 2013 (PDF 23.7KB)

Our responses to the LA3 petition (PDF 208 KB)

Further information relating to documents prepared for the Core Strategy Examination can be found under the Statements of Common Ground.