Pre-Submission Core Strategy

Pre-submission Core Strategy documents

 1. Introduction to the Pre-submission Core Strategy (PDF 2.24MB)

 2. Sustainable Development Strategy (PDF 534KB)

 3. Strengthening Economic Prosperity (PDF 120KB)

 4. Providing Homes and Community Services (PDF 188KB)

 5. Looking After the Environment (PDF 2.37MB)

 6. Introduction to the Place Strategies (PDF 28.7KB)

 7. Hemel Hempstead Place Strategy (PDF 2.14MB)

 8. Berkhamsted Place Strategy (PDF 347KB)

 9. Tring Place Strategy (PDF 563KB)

 10. Kings Langley Place Strategy (PDF 553KB)

 11. Bovingdon Place Strategy (PDF 442KB)

 12. Markyate Place Strategy (PDF 392KB)

 13. Countryside Place Strategy (PDF 803KB)

 14. Implementation and Delivery (PDF 65.4KB)

 15. Appendices (PDF 147KB)

Supporting Documents

Hicks Road and Land at Durrants Lane Masterplan - updated documents - 2012

 Hicks Road Masterplan, Markyate - 2012 (PDF 8.37MB)
 Land at Durrants Lane Masterplan - 2012 (PDF 2.75MB)

Hicks Road and Land at Durrants Lane Masterplan - original documents - 2010

 Hicks Road Masterplan Part I (PDF 4.93 MB)

 Hicks Road Masterplan Part II (PDF 5MB)

 Land at Durrants Lane and Shootersway, Berkhamsted - Framework Masterplan (PDF 4.94 MB)

 Land at Durrants Lane and Shootersway, Berkhamsted - Ecological Appraisal (PDF 379 KB)

 Land at Durrants Lane and Shootersway, Berkhamsted - Great Crested Newt Survey (PDF 101 KB)

Sustainability Appraisal

 The Non-Technical Summary (PDF 199KB)

 The Sustainability Appraisal Report (PDF 768KB)

 Appendix A: PPP Review (PDF 564KB)

 Appendix B: Baseline Review (PDF 1.48MB)

 Appendix C: SA Framework (PDF 245KB)

 Appendix D: Consultation Comments (PDF 198KB)

 Appendix E: Policy Assessment (PDF 427KB)

 Appendix F: Place Strategy Assessment (PDF 455KB)

Habitats Regulation Assessment

 Habitats Regulation Assessment (PDF 2.7MB)

Consultation Report on the Core Strategy

 Volume 1: July 2005-July 2006 (Emerging Issues and Options) (PDF 5.87MB)

 Volume 1 Annex A: Summary of Responses (May-June 2006) (PDF 7.53MB)

 Volume 2: July 2006-April 2009) (Supplementary Issues and Options Paper Growth at Hemel Hempstead) (PDF 1.51MB)

 Volume 3: September 2008-January 2009) (Workshops) (PDF 1.87MB))

 Volume 3 Annex A: September 2008-January 2009 (Workshop Analysis) (PDF 5.18MB)

 Volume 4: Emerging Core Strategy (May-Sept 2009) (PDF 3.96MB)

 Volume 4 Annex A: Summary of Responses. Summer Consultation: June-Aug 2009 (PDF 1.91MB)

 Volume 4 Annex B: Summary of Responses from the Citizens Panel and Gypsy and Traveller Community. Summer Consultation: June-Aug 2009 (PDF 6.06MB)

 Volume 5: Writing the Core Strategy - from Working Draft to Consultation Draft (June-Sept 2010) (PDF 759KB)

 Volume 6 (PDF 4.59MB)

 Volume 6 Annex A (PDF 2.75MB)

 Volume 7 (PDF 983KB)

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