Climate change and sustainability

What is climate change?

Climate change is a sustained change in the average weather patterns experienced over a 30-year period or more.

For a detailed look at climate change, visit the Met Office website.

What does this mean for Dacorum?

We are likely to see changes in the seasons (such as spring starting earlier, autumn starting later, summers feeling like a monsoon season) more frequently.

We may also notice that migratory birds expected to nest within the borough’s nature reserves and along our waterways at certain times, are arriving outside of their usual seasonal migration pattern, and that historic seasonal activities can take place ‘out of season’.


What do we do?

Through our Corporate Environmental policy (see below), we have made a commitment to reduce our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance. In October 2015, we were awarded the international certificate of ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

To meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 we have to manage our environmental compliance, legal obligations, as well as reducing electricity, gas and water usage by 10 per cent in 13 of our commercial buildings, cutting the volume of waste being sent to landfill, and increasing our recycling rate to 65 per cent.

Please see our  Corporate Environmental Policy Statement (PDF 32KB).

Improvements we’ve already made include:

  • The paper we use in our buildings is 100 per cent recycled
  • All confidential waste is recycled, so that we get it back as new paper to be used again
  • The recycling facilities in our buildings have been doubled and the number of waste bins reduced by half to encourage recycling
  • Car sharing scheme available for all employees
  • Cycle to work scheme available for all permanent employees
  • Building management system implemented to more effectively control heating and cooling of the buildings
  • Food waste recycling available in all offices

Sustainable movements

Sustainable movements are happening across Hertfordshire. For example, Berkhamsted hosted a National Transition Towns roadshow, while Tring holds annual eco fairs. Transition Towns are a good starting point to find out about what’s going on in your area, and how you can get involved. For more info, contact your local group:

Kings Langley -
Berkhamsted -
Tring -

What can I do?

There are many small and regular activities you can do to help improve the environmental quality of the borough. Click on the headings below for more information.

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Hertfordshire Sustainability Forum

The Hertfordshire Sustainability Forum (HSF) is a countywide partnership of local authorities, other organisations and partners. HSF aims to raise awareness of environmental and sustainability directly relevant to the residents and businesses of Hertfordshire.

The Forum strives to develop environmental policies and initiatives that will benefit and enhance Hertfordshire as a whole, increasing awareness of key sustainability issues.

Green Our Herts

Green Our Herts is an educational working group within the Hertfordshire Sustainability Forum. It aims to promote key sustainability issues to residents and businesses countywide.

It focuses on campaign initiatives, ranging from energy conservation in the home to biodiversity promotion, in order to promote positive and consistent behavioural change.

For more information, please visit the Green Our Herts webpage or its Facebook page.

Contact us

If you would like more information, or if you have a specific request, please contact our Environmental Sustainability Officer.

Telephone: 01442 228000
Environmental Sustainability Officer
The Forum
Hemel Hempstead