Natural History Museum at Tring

Young girl looking at a stuffed tiger in Tring Zoological MuseumThe Natural History Museum at Tring houses the largest collection of stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles and insects in the UK.

The museum started life in 1889 as a 21st birthday present to Walter Rothschild from his father, the first Baron Rothschild. The Baron regarded his son’s interest in nature as a harmless past-time; little suspecting that it would eventually lead to the creation of one of the greatest natural history collections ever assembled by one man.

Before his death in 1937, Lord Rothschild gifted the entire museum and its collections to the Trustees of the British Museum – on condition that it would remain a centre for zoological research. It is now a branch of the Natural History Museum and entry is free.

Facilities at the museum include a discovery room for children, exhibitions, a schools service, a café and a gift shop. Outside there are two picnic areas and free car parking. For more information, go the Natural History Museum's website

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