Request improvements or alterations to your council home

This form is for use by residents who are seeking our consent (as your landlord) for alterations or improvements to your home.

Types of work that require our permission

The type of work for which you require consent would typically include installations such as electric showers and replacement kitchens and bathrooms.

Examples of what requires our prior written permission before erecting, removing or installing include:

  • Windows, doors and floors
  • Electrical sockets / fittings
  • Central heating and fireplaces
  • Kitchen and bathroom fitted units
  • Bathroom fixtures and showers
  • Sheds - maximum size 8 foot by 6 foot and must be placed at least 6 to 8 linear metres from the house. Shed must be removed when/if occupant moves.
  • Garages and greenhouses
  • Fences
  • Satellite dishes and TV aerials
  • Hardstanding
  • Electric vehicle charge points
  • Dropped kerbs - please note that dropped kerbs are part of the public highway and are the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council. Find out more information on its website.

What we will not permit

  • Summer houses
  • Conservatories, extensions, porches or loft conversions
  • Boarding of lofts for storage
  • Laminate or hard wood flooring in flats on the first floor or above
  • Decking that is raised more than 300mm from the garden surface
  • Decking that covers 50 per cent or more of the garden
  • Off-street parking where the finished surface is shingle
  • Wood-burning stoves/solid fuel appliances where your home has a council-installed heat source
  • Moving walls
  • Removing internal walls
  • Removing chimney stacks
  • Removing chimney breast
  • Ponds
  • Sunken swimming pools
  • Artificial grass

These lists are not exhaustive.

Please note: Any requests where a tenant is in arrears or in breach of any other of their tenancy conditions will not be considered and unless there are extenuating circumstances, an Introductory tenant will not be permitted to make any alterations/improvements.

If you have any pictures or plans of the proposed works, you should email these to with your name and address.

Please try to complete as many fields of the form as possible.

Improvement/alteration details

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Are you applying for permission for works already carried out? This is also called retrospective permission.

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Who will be carrying out the proposed works?

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How long do you expect the work to take?

Have you consulted any other council departments?

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This form is intended to register your intention to carry out work. Submission of this form does not imply that we have agreed to the works proceeding.

The form will be referred to your housing officer and housing building surveyor for consideration and you will receive a written response to your application.

By submitting this form you agree that all the information you supply is accurate.

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