Mutual exchange

We call swapping your home with another tenant a ‘mutual exchange’. As one of our tenants, you can swap your home with another tenant in Dacorum or with a tenant in another area of the United Kingdom.

Changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Property inspections

Any applicants applying for a mutual exchange must comply with the measures we have put in place. These are:

  1. A call will be made by the Tenancy Officer to check whether anyone in the household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), or has been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms, before a visit/inspection can take place.
  2. When an appointment has been confirmed, the Property Surveyor and Tenancy Officer will come to your property and you must prepare the property for this inspection by doing the following:
  • Opening doors and windows to ensure good ventilation
  • Furniture must be pulled away from the wall to enable the surveyor to check for any issues
  • The property must be tidy - no clothing or clutter on the floors
  • Proof of identity asked for (in an earlier call) should be placed open and readable on a table or kitchen counter to enable the officer to check/photograph.

If you wish to exchange with a tenant from another local council or housing association, you should contact them to check whether or not they are allowing mutual exchanges following the coronavirus pandemic.

Advertise and search for a home

You can advertise your council home and search for another tenant to exchange your home with on the:

House Exchange website

Many social landlords across England use this system and it gives you access to thousands of properties across the country. House Exchange is a database of information given by tenants that want to move.

Bedroom standards

If you have two or more children living at home, please read our  Bedroom standards information (PDF 508KB).

Apply for an exchange

To apply for a mutual exchange, please download and complete our  Mutual Exchange application form (PDF 539KB) and either email to or return by post to Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1DN.