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Occasional and temporary use notices

There are two specific types of notice - Occasional use and Temporary use - that can be used to authorise certain gambling activities which are only carried out on an infrequent basis.

If it is intended to provide gambling activities more frequently than either of these notice types allow, a premises licence will need to be obtained.

Occasional use notices

A premises intending to provide track betting facilities for no more than eight days in any calendar year may use occasional use notices instead of a full premises licence. In this instance, a 'track' is considered to be a racecourse, a sports ground, or any other location at which a race or sporting event is due to take place, including point-to-point races.

Occasional use notices may only be given by persons responsible for the administration of track events, or by an occupier of the track.

The person who has given the notice must ensure that only licensed operators, with Betting Operating Licences issued by the Gambling Commission, are permitted to accept bets on the day of the event - the notice does not convey any right to accept bets in itself.

 Occasional use notice application form (PDF 82KB)

Occasional use notices can be given by submitting the completed form to us at any time prior to the start of the event. A copy of the completed form must also be given to Hertfordshire Police at the same time.

There is no provision for any objections to be made against an occasional use notice, so providing the venue has not exceeded the limit on days and the form has been correctly completed, the notice will be approved automatically.

Temporary use notices

Temporary use notices (or TUNs) can allow a licensed gambling operator to provide infrequent gambling activities at a premises without needing a premises licence. Premises that may be suitable for a TUN include hotels, conference centres and sporting venues.

In accordance with Regulations made by the Secretary of State, the only type of gambling activity that can be provided under a temporary use notice is equal chance gaming, arranged in the form of a tournament with a single overall winner. No other type of gambling activity may be provided under the authority of a TUN, including the provision of gaming machines.

A premises may not be used for gambling under temporary use notices for more than 21 days in any 12-month period.

Notices can only be given by a person or organisation that holds a relevant Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission.

 Temporary use notice application form - for fixed premises (PDF 160KB) 

 Temporary use notice application form - for vessels (PDF 186KB) 

Temporary use notices can be given by sending two copies of the completed form, together with payment of the appropriate fee, to the Licensing section. Your notice must arrive no later than three months before the first day of your proposed event. Further copies of the completed form must also be sent, within seven days, to the Gambling Commission, Hertfordshire Police and HM Revenues and Customs (addresses are included in the guidance notes attached to the form).

For details of the application fees payable with each type of application, please see our Licensing fees and charges page.

If any objections are received from those bodies, or if we are not happy with the proposal, a hearing will be held (no later than six weeks before the proposed start of the event) to consider the notice. If the objection is upheld, a counter-notice will be issued to cancel the notice, and the event would not be able to take place.

If no objections are received, or if the objections are dismissed, the notice will be approved and an endorsed copy returned to the applicant. The endorsed notice must be prominently displayed at the premises during the event.

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