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Prize gaming permits

Although certain types of premises may host prize gaming events without needing a licence, other premises without this entitlement can also apply for permission to run prize gaming.

Any prize gaming being run under a prize gaming permit must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Prize gaming permits cannot be issued in respect of vehicles or vessels
  • The gaming must take place entirely on a single day, and cannot be linked to games happening in a different location
  • The result of the game must be announced at the venue on the same day as the game was played
  • The maximum participation fee that can be charged for a single chance to win is 50p, and the total participation fees cannot exceed £500
  • The maximum value of a single cash prize cannot exceed £35, and the total value of prizes cannot exceed £500.

Applying for a prize gaming permit

Applications for prize gaming permits can be made by the occupier of the premises where the gaming will take place. All applicants must be 18 years of age or over.

Applicants should read the 'prize gaming permits' section of our Statement of Principles, for further information on our expectations of permit holders.

 Prize gaming permit application form (PDF 126KB)

Please send your completed application form to the address given on the form, together with payment of the appropriate fee (see our Licensing fees and charges page for further details).

When we receive your application we will consult with Hertfordshire Police - however, you do not need to send a copy of your application to them.

If, after consultation, we have concerns about your application, we will let you know and give you an opportunity to make representations. After considering any representations you make, a decision will then be made to either grant or refuse your application.

Where applications are refused, there will be a right of appeal to the magistrates' court, within 21 days of notification of the refusal.

No conditions (other than the statutory restrictions set out above) can be attached to a permit.

Maintenance of prize gaming permits

Prize gaming permits are valid for 10 years. An application to renew the permit may be made two to six months before it expires.

The original permit must be kept on the premises to which it relates, and produced for inspection if requested by a police officer, a Gambling Commission enforcement officer, or an authorised council officer. If lost, stolen or damaged, a duplicate permit can be obtained from us, but a fee will be payable for this. It will also be necessary to report lost or stolen permits to the police.

Permits are not transferrable and will lapse if the holder ceases to occupy the premises. Any new occupier must apply for a new permit.

The permit will also lapse if the holder dies, is made bankrupt, goes into liquidation, becomes incapable of carrying on the permitted activities, or otherwise ceases to exist. In any of these circumstances, the permit can be used for up to six months by personal representatives, trustees or liquidators - after this time a new permit must be obtained.

Permits can be surrendered if no longer required, by returning the original permit to us with a covering note.

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Email: licensing@dacorum.gov.uk

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