Public Spaces Protection Order - Dog Control

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is a way of controlling certain anti-social behaviours that have taken place in particular public areas.

Our Dog Control PSPO is aimed specifically at the behaviour of dogs and their owners. The PSPO has created five offences across Dacorum. These offences are:

  • Failing to remove your dog’s poo
  • Failing to remove your dog’s poo at the request of an authorised officer
  • Failing to carry a poo bag or other means to clean up after your dog
  • Failing to put your dog on a lead at the request of an authorised officer
  • Failing to keep your dog out of a fenced-off play area or keep it three metres away from any play equipment.

If you fail to follow the PSPO then you could face a Fixed Penalty Notice fine or prosecution.

More information

To view the areas currently affected by the Dog Control PSPO, please see the following documents: 

Please also read our  Frequently Asked Questions 2022 (PDF 108KB).and  Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Control) leaflet (PDF 3.2MB).

You can view a copy of the full Dog Control PSPO on our Public Spaces Protection Orders page.

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