Food poisoning outbreaks

A food poisoning outbreak means that one or more people, who have had common exposure to food or drink (for example, they ate at the same restaurant or café) experience a similar illness.

If it looks like a food business might be associated with the outbreak, we may carry out a food safety inspection to ensure that further food poisoning is prevented.

If you suspect food poisoning

  • Use a separate toilet if possible, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect surfaces like taps and handles regularly.
  • Visit your doctor to get your diagnosis confirmed. This will usually involve giving a faecal sample.
  • Your doctor will contact Environmental Health and we will contact you for details about your recent eating habits and lifestyle to find out how you might have picked up the infection. It is not always the last meal you ate that led to your illness so we will ask you about your food intake over the last two weeks.
  • If your job involves handling food, make sure that you tell your employer that you are suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. Do not prepare food for 48 hours (two days) after your symptoms have gone.

For more information, please email or call 01442 228000 and ask for Environmental and Community Protection.

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