Council Tax disability relief

Who is eligible

We may be able to reduce your Council Tax bill if your property has been adapted to meet the needs of a disabled person (adult or child). If you qualify, we will put your property into a lower Council Tax band. If your property is in the lowest band already, we may still be able to reduce your bill by one sixth. 

The property must be the main home of the disabled person and must have at least one of these:

  • a room - other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet - which is mainly used by a disabled person (for example, a ground floor bedroom)
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen for the disabled person to use
  • space for wheelchair use inside the property, if needed

You may also be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax if you have a severe mental impairment.

How to apply

Please print and complete the  Disabled band reduction application form ( PDF 124KB) as fully as possible and email to This form usually takes around five minutes to complete.

Part of the verification process will be a visit from our Inspectors, who will contact you to arrange an inspection. In order for the relief to be granted we will need to be satisfied that the criteria above has been met.

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