Payment of supplier invoices

We’re committed to paying our suppliers and contractors in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed on purchase orders and within the terms of a contract. Where no terms are explicitly stated, our payment terms are 30 days of receipt of a correct and properly addressed invoice.

Submitting an invoice

The easiest and quickest way to submit an invoice for payment is online:

Upload an invoice

Alternatively, invoices can be emailed to or sent to:

Dacorum Borough Council
The Forum
Hemel Hempstead

If you have any queries, please call 01442 228388.


All invoices must be addressed to Dacorum Borough Council.

For payments to be made promptly, please ensure all invoices include:

  • an invoice number
  • the invoice date and a tax point date if that is not the same as the invoice date
  • the supplier’s name and address
  • the supplier's VAT registration number, the VAT rate applied to each item and the net, VAT and gross amounts payable (where applicable)
  • a full description of the goods or services provided. If any works fall into the sub-contracting category, under the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), then a split must be clearly shown between labour and materials where applicable
  • bank details for payment by BACS
  • a valid purchase order number previously provided by us (if applicable). 

Purchase orders

We have a No Purchase Order (PO) No Pay policy in place. Failure to quote a purchase order number if one has been issued will lead to your invoice being returned.

When are payments made?

Payments are normally generated on a Tuesday for crediting to suppliers’ bank accounts on the following Friday (exceptions may apply following bank holidays). If you’ve provided an email address for remittance advices, you will receive an email on the day of the payment run informing you of the amount due to be credited to your account. Unfortunately, we do not issue remittances by post.

If you have not provided us with an email address to send remittances, please email us at

Disputed invoices

If we dispute an invoice, you’ll be informed as soon as possible. In cases where an invoice is disputed, payment will be made on the first available payment run following resolution of the dispute.

Querying an invoice

If you have a query about an invoice, you should initially get in touch with the officer or service who is managing your contract or who placed the order with your organisation. Their contact details are quoted on any official purchase order issued. They should be able to resolve the issue. However, if you’re not satisfied, please email the payments team on

Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a Government scheme that covers all construction work carried out in the UK. For more information on the scheme and the types of work that it covers, please visit the HMRC website.

For the purpose of CIS, Dacorum Borough Council is a contractor. Under the scheme, all payments made from us as a contractor to subcontractors must be reported to HMRC. We must take account of the subcontractors’ tax status. This may require us to make a tax deduction from an invoice payment, which we then pay to HMRC.

If the type of work that you carry out falls within the scheme, you will need to provide us with your unique tax reference (UTR) number, company number and (or) national insurance number before you start any work as part of your business status form.

Please also ensure that all invoices clearly show a detailed, descriptive breakdown of works carried out with a labour and materials split. Failure to do this may mean that a deduction is calculated on the total value of the invoice.

Our commitment

We understand the importance of being open and transparent about the decisions we take and how and where money is spent. For more information, please visit our Transparency and open data page.

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