Practising your plan


Ensure staff have the opportunity to attend training seminars, courses and workshops regarding Business Continuity Planning. Large companies should ensure that these are tailored to your particular Business Continuity Plans.


The regular testing of plans will ensure that they are constantly reviewed and updated and kept relevant to the changing profile of your business. This can be undertaken by table-top exercises or full live exercises.

Walk-through drills

A walk through at the workplace of how Business Continuity Plans can be introduced at all levels throughout the organisation is a simple and effective way of ensuring that all staff understand their roles and responsibilities during a major incident. Ensure that all staff know where relevant records and information are held and can be accessed during and after a major incident.

New employees 

Ensure that new employees during their induction are instructed in Business Continuity Planning, and their role during a major incident. This will include issues such as fire evacuation, first aid, support and the Business Continuity Plan as it affects them personally.

Replacement equipment

Practise where replacement equipment can be provided and how quickly it you can be back in business and whether or not there is any vital equipment that you need to purchase and hold in stock, particularly where delivery times are in months rather than weeks.

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