Street naming and numbering

Organisations, postal and emergency services, and the general public, need an efficient means of referencing and locating properties, so the address of a property is an important issue. 

We are the street naming and numbering authority for the Dacorum area. The address management service provides the principal point of contact for all address issues. These include:

  • Addresses for new developments and properties
  • Change of house name
  • Adding a house name to a numbered address
  • Renaming streets and renumbering properties
  • Address problems and queries
  • Cleansing the Local Land and Property Gazetteer

New property

If you are a developer of a new property, you should contact the Address Management section as soon as you start work on site.

A single property or small development will usually be named and numbered into the existing street. A larger development will require a new development and/or street name.

Once the address issued, the information is sent to all public utilities, emergency services, HM Land Registry, Hertfordshire County Council and all our relevant departments. You will also be sent a copy of the registered address from which we would ask you to inform your prospective purchasers of their new property address.


Once we've received your application, we will begin processing your development / name / numbering requests. Please see table below for charges.

Street naming and numbering charges
Type of charge  Fee (£) 
Registering 1 new development/property (plot) £140
2-5 plots £235
6-25 plots £490
26-75 plots £545
76 or more plots £1,100 (plus £25 per additional plot)
Naming/renaming a house or building name (after initial submission) £130
Amending a house number (in line with statutory legislation and only if agreed by the Council) £130
Division/conversion of existing property or renumbering (new postal numbers) See plot charges above
Street names £450 per street (in addition to the registration fees above)
New street nameplate (this is in addition to registering charge) Please call our supplier, Signway, on 01256 811234.
Registering a change of business address (division or conversion of single unit) £240
Naming of a building (for example, a block of flats) £130
Renaming/changing an existing street name where requested by residents and/or the Town/Parish Council* £550, plus £25 per property

*On the proviso that 66 per cent or more of the residents agree to the change

Apply for a new street name or house number

Please note: Due to recent increased demands on the Address Management Service, there may be a delay of up to eight weeks to process your application.

Apply for a new street name or house number

More information

If you have any queries or you'd like more information, please email

You can also download our  Street naming and numbering policy (PDF 981KB).

Have you moved house?

If you have recently moved house and would like to update your details, please go to our moving house page.

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