Developer contributions - projects funded (S106)

New homes and other buildings create extra demand on local facilities. Where it's not possible to address a development’s impact on site, we seek off-site contributions from developers via agreements known as Section 106s. These payments are used to mitigate impacts by funding new facilities or to expand and improve current amenities in the local area. Below are some projects that have been fully or part-funded by these developer contributions recently.

Latest projects

Canal Fields play area

The refurbishment of the Canal Fields play area in Berkhamsted was completed in August 2022. The transformation removed old metal play equipment and replaced it with modern wooden play structures including a castle, train and climbing frames. The play area has a new sand pit and inclusive play equipment, with new slides, swings and benches also installed.

Developer contributions funding: £157,000

New Canal Fields Play Area following renovation work
Canal Fields play area wooden train

Westwick Field games area

The games area at Westwick Field, Leverstock Green was refurbished in summer 2022 with new basketball equipment and improved surfacing.

Developer contributions funding: £17,800

Westwick Field basketball hoop

Financial year 2021-2022

Council housing

Nine social housing development proposals and confirmed sites received developer contributions funding in this financial year, totalling almost £2 million. This funding is supporting the creation of more than 250 new council homes for those in housing need across the borough. Three of these projects are shown below.

Coniston Road

This development, which was completed in summer 2022, consists of 10 two-bedroom and three-bedroom homes, including a fully compliant wheelchair house, all for social rent in Kings Langley. The properties are energy-efficient, featuring solar panels and increased insulation. Each home also has an electric vehicle charging point.

Developer contributions funding: £870,000

Coniston Road Social Housing scheme
Coniston Road development

Eastwick Row

This social housing scheme, in Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead, consists of 34 flats in a new block and two three-bedroom houses. The area surrounding the existing blocks will be redesigned to provide more parking spaces as well as creating well-lit paths. Construction has started on site, with work expected to be complete by winter 2023.

Developer contributions funding: £373,000 to date (with another £1.1 million allocated to the project in 2022-2023)

Eastwick Row

Paradise Fields

The Paradise Fields development in St Albans Road, Hemel Hempstead, will accommodate 58 new apartments, communal parking and landscaped garden facilities. Planning permission has been granted, with work expected to start in summer 2022.

Developer contributions funding: £243,000
Paradise Fields - artist impression

3G pitch CCTV system

A CCTV and entry gate system has been installed at Grovehill and Woodhall Farm Adventure Playground’s 3G football pitch. This enhances user safety and also helps prevent damage to the pitch.

Developer contributions funding: £25,000

3G Pitch CCTV system

Cupid Green playing pitches

We have five football pitches at Cupid Green playing fields - these range from junior pitches to full-size adult pitches. The location suffers from poor drainage, which results in match/practice cancellations or damage to the pitches. Developer contributions have funded new equipment to assist with drainage works and funding for works to improve the playing surface, with the aim of bringing it up to standard within three years. The results are already looking good.

Developer contributions funding: £121,000 over three years (2021-2022 was the second year)

Cupid Green playing pitches drainage
Cupid Green playing pitches

Improvements to the Nickey Line

The Nickey Line, a former railway line that connected Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead, is a popular cycle route and footpath. It also forms an important green corridor for wildlife. A four-year project funded by developer contributions aims to enhance public access to, and use of, the Nickey Line as a sustainable transport option and for leisure purposes. The project also focuses on improving habitat diversity, and appropriate management of trees near adjacent properties to reduce risk to these buildings.

Developer contributions funding: £146,625 over four years (2021-2022 was the third year)

Nickey Line trees
Nickey Line flowers

Completed in financial year 2020-2021

Adventure Playgrounds refurbishment

The play equipment at Adeyfield and Grovehill and Woodhall Farm Adventure Playgrounds had become rotten and some had been removed, leaving very little play value for visitors. The old structures were replaced with new play equipment in 2020, meeting modern standards which means that the Adventure Playgrounds are now safer and require less maintenance than previously. The playgrounds now include multi-play structures with climbing walls, a sand pit, water play and double tubular slides.

There has been fantastic feedback from users of the sites, with families commenting on how colourful the playgrounds now look and appreciating the more inclusive equipment.

Adeyfield Adventure Playground funding: £70,000
Grovehill and Woodhall Farm Adventure Playground funding: £109,000

Adventure playground play area
Adventure playground - slide

3G floodlit sports pitches

New 3G artificial turf pitches with floodlighting were installed at Adeyfield and Grovehill and Woodhall Adventure Playground sites in 2020. 3G artificial turf is a very durable, all-weather surface which does not get easily damaged or waterlogged. When combined with the floodlighting this means that the pitches can be used for more hours a day and more days per year than traditional turf pitches.

The Adeyfield 3G pitch measures 35 metres by 18 metres, whilst the Grovehill one has a full-size football pitch (approximately 120 metres by 90 metres). Demand for all-weather sports pitches in the borough is high - these will provide additional facilities that can be used by the public, community and sports clubs. Feedback from users has been very positive since these new facilities opened.

Adeyfield 3G pitch funding: £54,500
Grovehill and Woodhall Farm 3G pitch funding: £156,500

3G sports pitch
Adeyfield Adventure Playground 3G pitch

Housing at Northend and Westerdale

Williams House, Northend and Howe Grove House, Westerdale in Hemel Hempstead were completed in the summer of 2020. They are two former council garage sites and now provide 12 flats to support residents in need of temporary accommodation. Across the two developments they offer 10 two-bedroom and two one-bedroom flats.

Developer contributions funding: £1.2 million (funded over two years)

Williams House development
Howe Grove House

Cupid Green tennis/netball courts

The courts at Cupid Green Playing Fields were showing their age. They received a complete resurface, new nets and gates were installed and general improvements were made to the area. The courts reopened in spring 2021. There are four tennis courts and three netball courts available to hire and these can be used by the general public free of charge, with a small charge for organisation or club use - find out more about hiring the courts.

Developer contributions funding: £60,000

Cupid Green tennis courts after work