Housing documents

Document No. Document Title Date Published Produced by
HG 1  Housing Needs Survey – Final Report (PDF 578KB) August 2003 David Couttie Associates Ltd
HG 2 Urban Capacity Study January 2005 Llewellyn Davies
HG 3 Accommodation Needs Of Gypsies And Travellers April 2005 Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham
HG 4 Housing Market Background Paper August 2006 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 5 Gypsies And Travellers Study: Identified Potential Sites September 2006 Scott Wilson
HG 6  Planning Obligations To Secure Affordable Housing: Advice Note (PDF 145KB) March 2007 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 7 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (Note: Dacorum Specific Extracts Only) October 2008 Tribal Urban Studio
HG 8  Housing Strategy 2008-2011 (PDF 523KB) December 2008 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 9 Housing Land Availability Paper 2009 April 2009 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 10 Assessment of Alternative Growth Scenarios for Hemel Hempstead April 2009 Dacorum Borough Council (with assistance from St Albans Council, HCC and C4S)
HG 11 Affordable Housing and Section 106 Viability Study November 2009 Three Dragons
HG 12 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2008 – Report Of Findings April 2010 Opinion Research Services (ORS)
HG 13 Stage 2 Review Of The South West Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment July 2010 Dacorum Borough Council (in partnership with Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council)
HG 14 Housing Land Availability Paper 2011 July 2011 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 15 Assessment of Potential Local Allocations and Strategic Sites - Final Assessment
 ERRATA map for Berkhamsted - September 2012 (PDF 389KB)
June 2012
September 2012
Dacorum Borough Council (with assistance from HCC and C4S)
HG 16   Background Paper – Selecting The Core Strategy Housing Target (PDF 661KB)  June 2012 Dacorum Borough Council
HG 17  Dacorum Housing Needs and Market Assessment Update (PDF 425KB) July 2012 David Couttie Associates
HG 18  Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance Draft for Consultation (PDF 862KB)  September 2012 - Draft   Dacorum Borough Council 
HG 19 Traveller Accommodation Needs Study Due October 2012 Dacorum Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council
HG 20 Residential Land Position Statement August 2012 Dacorum Borough Council

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