Common freedom of information requests

We receive a lot of requests for information, much of which is already publicly available on this website. Before submitting an FOI request, please check to see if this is the case by entering your search term in the search bar at the top of this page. Alternatively, see if it's available in the list of our most common FOI requests below:

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC)

All general fund assets have been reviewed, and where necessary inspected, with no evidence of RAAC found.

For our social housing stock, we reviewed our data/files to ascertain property build type to identify possible RAAC. On-site visual inspections were then completed to confirm the presence of RAAC planks or the potential of RAAC, subject to further investigative surveys.

Three buildings were confirmed to have RAAC planks, located on small parts of the main roof area of the building, associated with tank rooms and a communal staircase.

The RAAC planks were subject to a formal structural survey carried out by structural engineers. Although no defects were noted, the engineers highlighted known associated risk with RAAC planks.

Designs and methodology to replace the main roof covering and the RAAC planks at all three locations are being prepared, with completion expected within the current financial year. In the meantime, we have taken the decision to install protective platforms underneath the RAAC planks. These works have been completed and the platforms will remain in place until the roof replacement works have been finished.

We have updated all elected members and impacted residents.

Business rates (National Non-Domestic Rates)

This data is published quarterly. Last updated October 2023.

Right to Buy

The data below shows details of the properties sold under the Right to Buy scheme since 1980, including the type of property, year of build, square footage, valuation and the price it was sold for after discount.

Annual burial statistics

  • 2022 - 265
  • 2021 - 275
  • 2020 - 258
  • 2019 - 226
  • 2018 - 304
  • 2017 - 316
  • 2016 - 310
  • 2015 - 304

Please note: we do not provide a cremation service.

Council Tax - consent, contract and the law

Occasionally, we receive requests from various groups or people who believe they are bound only by statute laws they consent to. Being a member of one of these groups (for example - Freeman on the Land, or a person that relies on archaic or repealed laws), does not exempt you from paying Council Tax. Find out more about challenges to the legality of Council Tax.

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