Moving due to medical reasons

If, once you’ve submitted a housing register application, you need to move due to a medical reason, then you’ll need to complete a Medical Assessment Form.

When we are assessing medical information we are not assessing the condition itself but how the current property or living arrangements may be affecting the condition. Applicants need to state how their medical condition will be improved or alleviated by a move to alternative accommodation. We will require you to provide as much supporting documentation as possible in order for us to be able to assess this. Without any supporting evidence we will not be able to consider you for medical points.

If an adapted property is required, then we’ll ask you to obtain a report from an Occupational Therapist. Depending on the adaptations needed, you may be placed on our direct offer list for an adapted property or be able to bid (if minor adaptations can be completed) on Moving with Dacorum.

Completing a medical assessment 

Fill in a medical assessment form now

Any further documentation can be sent to

Next steps

We’ll assess medical information within 28 days and let you know the outcome. 

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