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We offer a range of housing services and in this section you can find more information and contact
details for the following areas:

1.  Applying to the housing register
2.  Housing advice and homelessness
3.  Council tenants and leaseholders
4.  Housing benefit
5.  Help with private rented housing

1. Applying to the Housing Register

The housing register is our register of people who would like to live in a council or housing association home. For more information see applying for a home.

To be able to bid for council and housing association homes, you must apply to the housing register and be accepted on to the active register. 

To apply to the housing register, you should visit

2. Housing advice and homelessness

There are many reasons that people get into housing difficulty. Living in unsuitable housing or facing homelessness can be stressful. By working with us as soon as you are able, we can help you find housing that suits your needs. 

For more information on the advice and help we can give you see your housing options.

If you are at risk of becoming homeless, you should get advice as soon as possible. Our housing options service can help you to stay in you current home or find new accommodation. If you are homeless, we may have a duty to house you. For more information see our homelessness page.

3. Council tenants and leaseholders

If you live in a council owned home, you are a council tenant and your landlord is Dacorum Borough Council.

If you own your property but pay a yearly service charge and ground rent to the Council, you are a council leaseholder.

All housing issues that council tenants and leaseholders have should be referred to us. For more information on all services for tenants and leaseholders see Tenants and Leaseholders.

4. Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income and cannot afford to pay your rent you may be eligible for Housing Benefit. For more information see the Housing Benefit page.

5. Help with private rented housing

'Help to rent' helps families who cannot raise the deposit needed to move into the private rented sector. We make the private rented sector more affordable for a number of families by giving private landlords a deposit guarantee instead of a cash deposit.  For more information see our help to rent pages.

Help to rent offers a tenant-finder service to landlords. By renting your property through help to rent, we will work with you to set up a tenancy and give you ongoing advice and guidance for the length of the tenancy. For more information see our help to rent information for landlords page.

The Environmental Health Department is responsible for ensuring that private housing in Dacorum is fit to live in, is in a good state of repair, and has sufficient amenities (i.e. kitchen and toilet facilities). If you have any issues with your housing you should contact Environmental Health.

The Environmental Health team can also give you advice on grants available to improve your housing.

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