Parking bay suspensions

In some circumstances it is possible to reserve specific parking bays in a Controlled Parking Zone or on an ‘on-street’ pay and park bay. For example, for utilities works or house removals.

Suspensions prohibit parking in a bay or section of a bay for a temporary period of time. They apply to all vehicles, unless the accompanying sign advises otherwise.

Advanced warning must be given (when possible). Signs will be put up on the nearest sign or lamp posts to advise motorists of the suspension details.

Motorists who leaves their vehicle parked in a suspended bay during the signed hours may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Applying for a suspension

Each application is considered on its own merits. Please provide as much information as possible.

Suspensions cost £25 per bay per day, and we need at least two weeks’ notice. Exceptions may be given in emergency circumstances (such as a gas or water leak). We cannot authorise requests made with less than two full weeks' notice.

Although we can issue a Penalty Charge Notice to a vehicle parked in a suspended bay, we do not have the power to remove vehicles.

Works contractors should notify local residents by letter before the date of the suspension. It may be necessary to put down cones the evening before to prevent unauthorised parking.

Applications for suspensions can only be made by email or by letter to Parking Services, PO Box 921, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 1ZP.

For further information, or to apply for a suspension, please email

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