Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service

We offer an opt-in service to collect a second green-lidded bin (or more if required) for your extra garden waste. Normal green-lidded bin collections will not change.

Please note: this service is live between March and November and is suspended over the winter months, December to February.

Subscriptions for the 2022 collection service (starting in March) are now available to purchase. Each additional bin purchased costs £25. To have them emptied fortnightly on the same day as your existing bin will cost £60 for the season.

If you have already purchased an additional bin and would like to renew your subscription, please click the button below.

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How the service works

Householders who subscribe to the service will be provided with a subscription sticker, which has a unique serial number. This sticker will need to be attached to an additional Dacorum Borough Council green-lidded bin to make it eligible for collection (newly purchased additional green-lidded bins will already come with the sticker attached). These additional bins will be collected on the same day and at the same frequency as your current green-lidded bin - the garden waste collection season typically runs from March to November.

What does it cost?

Additional green-lidded bins cost £25 per bin. If you have previously purchased a green-lidded bin from us, this can be used as your additional bin. The subscription fee applies to each individual additional bin and is £60. The subscription is not a rolling contract, you will need to subscribe to the service for each year that you wish to have it. For costing examples, please see our frequently asked questions below.

How many additional green-lidded bins can I buy?

Additional Garden Waste Service bins

You can purchase an unlimited number of additional green-lidded bins, but the fee is still £25 per bin, plus the seasonal subscription fee for that bin. Once you have bought the additional bin it is yours to keep until you move out of Dacorum. If you wish to subscribe to the service the next year you would only need to pay the subscription fee for the additional bin. If you have previously purchased a Dacorum Borough Council green-lidded bin then you will only need to pay the subscription fee.

The additional bins that are provided will have a grey body and a green lid, and will arrive with subscription stickers placed on the lid of the bin (pictured).

Terms and conditions

Please view our  Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service: Terms and Conditions (PDF 66KB).

Frequently asked questions

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  • If I don't opt in to the service, will my green-lidded bin still be emptied?
    Yes. Your garden waste collections will remain unchanged. We will still continue to collect one green-lidded bin from your property.
  • Can I use the additional green-lidded bin(s) I previously bought from DBC?
    Yes. If you have previously purchased green-lidded bins from us, then all you need to do is pay the subscription fee per bin using the online form. We will send you a subscription sticker within 10 working days after receiving payment for you to place on the lid of the bin. Your additional green-lidded bin(s) should be put out to be emptied on your next collection date.
    Please note: We will only empty bins with the Dacorum Borough Council logo on them.
  • How much does it cost to have an additional green-lidded bin?

    The cost of an additional green-lidded bin is £25 each. You will pay this one-off amount for every additional green-lidded bin that you request and you can purchase an unlimited amount. For each additional green-lidded bin that you would like emptying, you will need to pay the subscription fee for that year, too.

    The subscription fee is £60 for the season (typically March to November).

    Here are some examples:

    Example one: Buying one additional green-lidded bin and subscribing to the service.

    This year:  £25 for the additional bin, plus a £60 subscription fee. The total you pay is £85.

    Next year: If you renew your subscription, the total will be £60 for the subscription only.

    Example two: Purchasing two additional green-lidded bins and subscribing them both to the service.

    This year: £25 x 2 for the additional bin, plus £60 x 2 subscription fees. The total you pay is £170.

    Next year: £60 x 2 subscription fees. The total you pay is £120.

    Please note: we can only accept online payments for the seasonal subscription fee and buying additional green-lidded bins. Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

  • Can I subscribe to the Additional Garden Waste Service mid-way through the season?

    Yes. You can subscribe to the service during the garden waste collection season (typically between March and November - please check your waste collection calendar). When the garden waste collections stop at the end of November, so will the online payment system. The season usually starts again at the end of February/beginning of March and the online payment system will be open for the following year's renewals and subscriptions in December. The subscription fee is £60 for the garden waste season.

  • How will I know that I have successfully subscribed to the service?

    When you subscribe to the service you will receive a confirmation email. Your property details will then be added to a collection round.

    If you have previously purchased additional green-lidded bins from us, you will be sent a unique subscription sticker to display on the lid(s) of the additional bin(s).

    If you have requested an additional green-lidded bin, this will be delivered with the unique subscription sticker already displayed on the bin lid.

  • When will you deliver my additional green-lidded bin?

    We will deliver your additional green-lidded bin within 10 working days of receiving your payment.

    Please note: Your new additional green-lidded bin will have a green lid and a grey body. Your subscription sticker will already be displayed on the lid of your bin. Do not tamper with, or attempt to remove, the sticker as it may affect your collection.

  • Is the Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service automatically renewed for next year?

    No. You will have to subscribe each year and make the payment a month in advance of the beginning of the season (collections usually begin in March) to ensure your additional green-lidded bin(s) are authorised for collection. We will send you another subscription sticker for that year to stick over your old one. Please check your waste collection calendar to see when your last garden waste collection date is for this year.

  • Is there a reduced subscription fee if I join the service towards the end of the season?
    No. The subscription fee is a fixed charge regardless of when you decide to join the service.
  • Is there a reduced subscription fee if I receive benefits or am a senior citizen?

    No. There are no concessions.

  • What happens to my subscription if I move house?

    If you move to another house in Dacorum you can take your additional green-lidded bin(s) with you. It is your responsibility to notify us of your new address so that we can update our records and inform our collection crew.

    If you move to an address outside Dacorum, you must leave the additional green-lidded bin(s) at the property. Please email to inform us that you are moving, and we will cancel the subscription. You will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Can I get a refund if I no longer want my additional green-lidded bin(s) or to be part of the subscription service?

    No. If you have already paid the subscription fee and purchased additional green-lidded bin(s), you are not entitled to a refund.

    You can ask us to remove your additional green-lidded bin(s) by emailing

  • Will I have to pay to replace a broken or lost additional green-lidded bin(s)?

    We will replace or repair bins which have been damaged or lost by us. Where we consider that the householder's negligence caused the damage, a charge will be made for the repair or replacement.

  • My subscription sticker is damaged or lost. Can I get another one?

    Subscription stickers will be replaced free of charge. This change will be noted on our system and your old subscription sticker (and its unique serial number) will no longer be valid. Email if you need to replace your subscription sticker.

  • What other options are available to me if I generate extra garden waste?

    If you have extra garden waste, but don't want to join our subscription service, you can:

    • Take it to your local Recycling Centre - either on Eastman Way in Hemel Hempstead or Northbridge Road in Berkhamsted. Please check the opening hours of your nearest Recycling Centre before visiting.
    • Compost at home.
  • I have an assisted collection. Will I get help taking out my additional green-lidded bin(s)?
    Yes. Nothing changes for assisted collections. You will continue to receive help bringing your bin to the kerbside, and having it returned to your property.
  • Do I get a refund if I had a missed collection?
    No. There are no refunds. However, if we missed your bin, we will come back as soon as we can to empty it. Please use the online missed collection reporting form to let us know.

    Please note: we will not return to collect bins if you have forgotten to put them out for collection at the boundary of your property by 6.45am on your collection day, or if they are contaminated with the wrong materials. Our collection crew drivers record bins that are not presented for collection or are contaminated to ensure we run a cost-effective service. Our green-lidded bin page provides information on what materials we accept.
  • What materials can go in my additional green-lidded bin?

    Your additional green-lidded bin is for garden waste only:

    • grass/hedge cuttings
    • leaves
    • twigs/small branches
    • flowers (including cut flowers that are kept inside the house)
    • prunings
    • weeds
    • small animal bedding made from straw, hay or woodchips (but not shredded paper)

    If your green-lidded bin is found to be contaminated with the wrong materials it will not be collected until this material is removed. Our collection crew drivers record bins that are contaminated to ensure we run a cost-effective service.

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